Can you make it through this 'would you rather' quiz about '60s television?

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It's the age-old question: Are you a Mary Ann, or a Ginger? When it comes to '60s television, there are so many great shows to choose from. Perhaps you like the camp of Batman, the gimmicks on Gilligan's Island or the serious nature of Gunsmoke. 

To settle it, we've made a "would you rather" quiz that might be tough for some of us to get through. Take the poll and see if your favorites are the favorites of everyone else. 

Don't agree? Sound off in the comments section below. Have fun!
  1. Who would you rather be stranded on an island with?
  2. Which Catwoman would you rather see fight Batman?
  3. Would you rather see Samantha or Jeannie work her magic?
    Images: Sony Pictures Television
  4. Which episodes of 'The Andy Griffith Show' would you rather watch?
  5. Which marathon would you rather see?
    Image: MGM Television (right)
  6. Would you rather be in space or underwater?
  7. It's a Saturday night in 1967. Which show would you rather watch?
  8. Which family would you rather be spooked by?
    Images: NBCUniversal (left), MGM Television (right)
  9. Which animal would you rather be friends with?
    Images: Associated Press (left), 20th Century Fox (right)
  10. If you could visit the wild, wild west, where would you go?
Can you make it through this 'would you rather' quiz about '60s television?

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