Can you name these TV actors from their action figures?

Mego made awesome action figures back in the 1970s. Sure, the likenesses of the actors were not always spot on, but there were so many from which to choose. It seemed like every television show had a set of dolls — er, sorry, we meant "collectible figurines."

Hopefully you saved some of them with the packaging. They can fetch a lot of money these days. If not, you can stock up on cool action figures right now on the MeTV store.

Let's see if you can put a name to these plastic faces of vintage action figures.
  1. Image: powerherc / Comic Vine
  2. Image: Popscreen
  3. Image: fyndit
  4. Image: Yesterville Toy Room
  5. Image: Terapeak
  6. Image: Worthpoint
  7. Image: Michael's TV Tray
  8. Image: Action-Figure-Resource
  9. Image: reflectionsonfilmandtelevision / Blogspot
  10. Image: Mears Pop Culture Auctions
Can you name these TV actors from their action figures?

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