Which classic TV theme song is totally your theme song?

Borrow your signature tune from classic TV's best opening themes.

Catchy by necessity. Popping into your head when you least expect it. Memorable as any pop song. The theme song for any TV show has to be just right to set the tone as the opening credits begin to roll. 

For the shows you love, hearing the theme song brings a guaranteed smile. It's the perfect way to introduce any program. If you ask us, classic TV did it best, delivering a diverse range of tunes, from original instrumentals to melodies dreamed up by major pop stars.

Have you ever thought about the kind of music that would make up your perfect theme song? Maybe it's jazzy and upbeat, like your personality. Or perhaps it's a heartfelt ballad that succinctly captures your story. 

Whatever your style is, we think we can pair you with the perfect theme song from classic TV. Take the quiz below and find out what tune should be cued up the moment you walk into any room.

Images: Wish Book Web

  1. Your alarm sounds and it’s time to get ready for the day, what’s your first move?
  2. Okay! You’re up and at it, heading out into the world. What happens now?
  3. It’s lunchtime! Where do you go for your midday meal?
  4. After lunch, you start humming a song to yourself. Which 1970s song would most likely be in your head?
  5. Unexpectedly, you bump into someone you know while out and about. Who is it most likely to be?
  6. You’re back home and hungry again. What’s for dinner?
  7. Now it’s time for a little TV. What show would you pick from these options?
  8. You turn the TV off, and it’s getting pretty late. What’s your next thought?
  9. When the time comes to finally call it a night, pick the pair of pajamas that you'd want to throw on:

Which classic TV theme song is totally your theme song?

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Thacket 1 month ago
MTM! I love the show but other themes are better.
Snickers 25 months ago
I got The Twilight Zone. Seems right since I feel like I'm in The Twilight Zone most of the time.
DerekBird 30 months ago
You got 'Twilight Zone'
Nobody makes an entrance quite like you.

Pyjamas????? I haven't worn those in decades.
Gary 30 months ago
The Facts of Life????? Yuck!!!!!! No way!!!!
BrianMoore 30 months ago
I got the Sanford and Son theme!?
Runeshaper 57 months ago
You got 'The Andy Griffith Show'
Better start whistling!

I like to whistle LOL
remodel18 65 months ago
I got the Mary Tyler Moore Show which I still love after all these years.
CarrieMcCourt 65 months ago
I got The Andy Griffith Show, and ironically, it just happens to be on my TV at this moment.
jeopardyhead 65 months ago
I got "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" even though I can't relate to that at all.
ndebrabant 65 months ago
You got 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'
"Who can turn the world on with her smile?"
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