Can you identify all these cool vintage cars on Adam-12?

See if you know these beautiful muscle cars and European imports.


Adam-12 was about two cops on patrol in the streets of L.A. Obviously, that involved a lot of driving and car chases.

Malloy and Reed came across just about every possible kind of vehicle on the road in the early 1970s. We gathered some of our favorites.

See if you can identify these gorgeous vintage automobiles. If you can, you're ready to work dispatch!

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  1. This iconic car was small enough to bring indoors.
  2. Who made this fancy import?
  3. This 1969 model had iconic curves. Good luck keeping up with it in a chase.
  4. This 1970s car had a familiar — and notorious — rear end.
  5. You might not recognize it from the front, but the back half was unique.
  6. VW made this red car with a rather generic name.
  7. Who made this beautiful red sports car?
  8. This American icon had a front that was hard to mistake.
  9. This European car with the hood up — Columbo drove one like it. Who made it?
  10. This yellow speedster led a great chase in season four.
  11. This red 1969 convertible is a real beauty. Nash Bridges drove a yellow later model.

Can you identify all these cool vintage cars on Adam-12?

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LarryMMM 8 months ago
Good lord, this was easier than giving Cannon a dozen donuts to eat....
Tammyv60 15 months ago
You got 11 out of 11! I know my cars!!!
GTStang08 25 months ago
10/11...Guess I wasn't a huge Nash Bridges
orionprime01 30 months ago
9 out of 10. Better than i thought. Thank God i also like, "Gone in 60 seconds".
Missed a couple of the foreign jobs.
hootrs23 37 months ago
someone can't make up their mind on how to spell CAMARO. spelled it two different ways. lol
DerekBird 37 months ago
You got 9 out of 11
Keep your eyes peeled for these on the street — and on Adam-12!

I hate Clodumbo and I NEVER WATCHED Gnash Britches.
Majik 42 months ago
Perfect Score. I originally started watching these classic reruns just to see the cars. But the show is is so good, I have a reminder set now. Police used to be there to serve & protect. Malloy & Reed are a class act. ~S
JDnHuntsvilleAL 43 months ago
I'm not sure I would have gotten #9 if they hadn't mentioned that Columbo drove one.
axel 43 months ago
Is there anyone alive on this forum besides me?
axel 43 months ago
This quiz was child's play. I see many cars on the street in Adam 12 that you folks are most likely clueless about.
JERRY6 50 months ago
11 of 11 , when it comes to cars I always do well
axel JERRY6 43 months ago
This was waaaay too easy.
pingpongdave7 50 months ago
Im always checking out the cars!
Even noticed a rare favorite 64 65 Imperial 😃
axel pingpongdave7 43 months ago
I noticed a 1967 3 cylinder 2 stroke Saab 96.
TexasGreek 53 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
Keep your eyes peeled for these on the street — and on Adam-12!
Rusty 54 months ago
I miss those days. Didn't even need a computer to fix it.
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