Can you I.D. celebrity guest stars from Wagon Train episodes in full color?

Movie stars and sitcom icons frequently appeared on the trail.

The Wagon Train episodes that ran for 90 minutes in its seventh season delivered sensational guest star performances and some of the show's starkest story lines – all in dazzling color.

Here, we break down some of the biggest celebrity appearances from this special season, and we're hoping we can trust you to lead us to the other TV or movie these stars are better known for.

See if you can I.D. every celebrity on this Wagon Train trail. Good luck!
  1. He was a tough guy who owned a railroad on Wagon Train, but you know him better as which TV detective?
  2. He's in uniform here on Wagon Train, but the guest star seen on the left is actually a former U.S. President:
  3. She's a charming saloon girl here, but she's better known as a star on which sitcom?
  4. He appeared as a one-armed man on Wagon Train, but he's best known as a star of which sitcom?
  5. In "The Whipping," a traumatic accident leads this actor who played a drunk to turn sober. Pick out the movie you recognize him from:
  6. Coop totally falls for this actor best known for which fun flick from the 1960s?
  7. This actor appeared on Wagon Train fleeing his past life after setting a bomb to his workplace, but he was nominated for an Oscar for which movie?
  8. This sitcom star got his own story on Wagon Train, but his character is only seen in flashbacks. What sitcom do you know him from?
  9. She turned up as a surprise town boss on Wagon Train, but she stars on a Western of her own:
  10. In an eerie episode of Wagon Train, this Western star showed up as a disreputable wagonmaster who notoriously led a train to disaster in a desert. What Western do you know him from?

Can you I.D. celebrity guest stars from Wagon Train episodes in full color?

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Cougar90 11 months ago
9 out of 10. SPOILER ALERT! No. 10--Jack Kelly's character didn't lead another wagon train to disaster. Kelly, if I remember right, was leading a wagon train when they believed they were going too slow, hit him over the head and took a short cut. The wagon train was wiped out, however Kelly was blamed for it. Then, Chris Hale was injured and it's up to Kelly to lead the wagon train to safety.
KevinHartford 28 months ago
I'm surprised you left out Michael Learned on "Gunsmoke". She was amazing in her guest role as "Mike"
JeffTanner 62 months ago
''You got 10 out of 10'' --------------Well done! You didn't even need Coop's help to avoid trouble on that one!
MichaelEasterwood 62 months ago
I have this season on DVD.Terry Wilson as Bill Hawks really shines in it.This was the only color and 90 minute season. It went back to B&W and 60 minutes in season 8
MrBill 62 months ago
9/10; not too bad considering I have never seen Wagon Train.
Geronimo 62 months ago
I don't believe the guy in Question #4 is Hugh Beaumont
JeffTanner Geronimo 62 months ago
Yes it is.
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