Can you guess which sitcoms these Western stars are on?

These cowboys showed their funny side on shows from the '60s through the '80s!


There were no tougher men on TV in the Sixties than the heroes of Westerns like Gunsmoke and The Rifleman. Though they occasionally cracked a smile, more often than not they were stone-faced administrators of grim frontier justice.

But that doesn’t mean the actors themselves weren’t able to let loose every once in a while. Here are a few times TV Western stars appeared on hilarious sitcoms. Can you guess what show each actor is in?

  1. Here is Johnny Crawford guest starring on which family sitcom?
  2. Here is Wagon Train's Denny Miller in an episode of...
  3. After playing Bart Maverick, Jack Kelly stopped by...
  4. In between her time on The Rifleman and Daniel Boone, Patricia Blair guest starred in which sitcom?
  5. Two decades after leading Wagon Train, John McIntire appeared in which '80s sitcom?
  6. The Rifleman's Paul Fix played Mr. McCabe in one episode of...
  7. Here's Clint Eastwood in...
  8. Burt Reynolds made a memorable appearance as someone's date in...
  9. Before she became Audra Barkley in The Big Valley, Linda Evans appeared here on which sitcom?
  10. Chuck Connors played himself in this episode of...

Can you guess which sitcoms these Western stars are on?

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ThomasPotter 4 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Go ahead and show off, you did great!
marleo8 34 months ago
You got 7 out of 10

Go ahead and show off, you did great!
MikefromJersey 34 months ago
8 for 10. Seems to be more than a few Here's Lucy references of late. I'm guessing it's
going to wind up on the schedule. I would love to see the return of Hawaii 5-0, throw
in Hawaiian Eye too.
Moverfan MikefromJersey 34 months ago
And Ironside...and Ellery Queen...and Nero Wolfe...and...excuse me, I have to go think about this for a bit. (Too early for Homicide: Life On The Street, do you think?)
Sleeper 35 months ago
Clint Eastwood was on Mr Ed? I have to find that episode.
cynkgreen Sleeper 34 months ago
Yeah that's one I always think of when I see Wagon Train & say ooh how young Clinton was! Well in Mister Ed he was even younger! & prettier...he played the piano & sang in that episode. I would like to see MeTV bring Mister Ed. Anybody else? That horse was hilarious!
Zombie 35 months ago
I enjoy taking quizzes. Refreshes my memory.
sayaw22143 35 months ago
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cynkgreen sayaw22143 34 months ago
Get off this site you scammy scummy troll!
graceful1970 35 months ago
9 out of 10. The Paul Fix one got me.
It was a Color episode with Barney. I remembered just as the answer popped up. He was an old grump.
scp 35 months ago
8 out of 10. I really should have gotten #9; the background scenery didn't fit the setting of the other two.
tootsieg 35 months ago
8/10. Missed 5 and 6. I was also glad I knew the back of Wilbur’s head.
MrBill 35 months ago
9/10; missed #6 - I love TAGS but do not watch the colored episodes very often.
cynkgreen MrBill 34 months ago
There were only about 5 of them at most. Maybe.
Dajj 35 months ago
8/10 Thank God I could recognize some of the sitcom actors in the pictures!!
Shatner1 35 months ago
Head's up!!! In the future if you get one wrong that you know is right---take the whole test again! I was told Patricia Blair was on Andy Griffith. I knew that was wrong! When I checked the comments and none of you mentioned it I knew it was unique to me. I took the quiz again and this time it My 3 sons was correct!
cynkgreen Shatner1 34 months ago
That's weird, has anyone else experienced a glitch like that?
olddogg 35 months ago
Well, I guess I'll wait till next week... I hate you, you know that don't you? You're mean and take advantage of my ignorance and... it's all your fault! Boy, your gonna get yours someday, I'm gonna tell my big brudda...yeah...yeah, then you'll be sorry!
35 months ago
6 out of 10. I didn't watch some of these sitcoms.
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