Can you guess which show the cast of WKRP in Cincinnati is on?

Johnny Fever actually played a real doctor, too!

Fans of WKRP in Cincinnati know that the show's comedy was embedded in the mannerisms of its outstanding ensemble cast.

Although you likely known each of these actors best from their WKRP days, their talents spread across TV. Here, we've pulled some of our favorite guest appearances from the 1960s to the 1990s. 

See if you can track the cast before and after their show became a hit. Good luck!
  1. Johnny Fever is dishing out hot dogs, not hot jams, in Howard Hesseman's TV debut on which classic sitcom?
  2. Here's Gordon Jump, popping out from under the hood on which classic sitcom?
  3. Gary Sandy played a suspicious character on which crime drama?
  4. Loni Anderson sought couples counseling on which classic sitcom?
  5. Jan Smithers was a vision when she arrived as a photographer on which classic show?
  6. In a TV movie based on a hit sitcom, Frank Bonner appeared as a cherished author of one of which show's stars?
  7. In this Stephen King TV miniseries, Tim Reid played a star character:
     Image: Warner Bros. Television
  8. He'll forever be Les Nessman, but here Richard Sanders is checking in on which sitcom?
     Image: 20th Television
  9. Some of Gordon Jump's earliest appearances were on which quirky spy show?
  10. There's Howard Hesseman playing an actual doctor in a holiday-themed episode of which hit sitcom?
  11. Loni Anderson played a hillbilly that hexes the family of which hit 1990s show?
     Image: CBS
  12. Jan Smithers is lookin' kinda withered as a drunk who needs saving on which crime show?
     Image: Sony Pictures Television
  13. In the background, Frank Bonner is the bar's featured entertainment on which hit drama?
  14. Gordon Jump is interviewing for a job here, but on which classic sitcom?
  15. Here's Gary Sandy again, this time wearing a different hat as the boss of a tow truck driver who's got a grudge against which TV show's stars?
     Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
  16. Tim Reid is being questioned by the star of which TV show?
  17. Last one's tough. The star of which show tried to contact the President of the United States, but got connected to Richard Sanders as an F.B.I. agent instead?

Can you guess which show the cast of WKRP in Cincinnati is on?

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ColonelMustard 50 months ago
I got 17 out of 17. The last one however, I had to think it through. Richard Sanders looked too old for Mork & Mindy in that picture and the question didn't seem to fit a possible plot story for Perfect Strangers. But I can see it on ALF...
Lacey 55 months ago
Nailed it though I had to guess the last one as I do not remember that episode.
Geronimo 55 months ago
A couple of guesses, but I rocked this quiz!
Runeshaper 58 months ago
You got 13 out of 17
You connected all the dots and rocked this one!

Got more than I thought!
Lacey 66 months ago
A lot of these were guesses based on the sets.
Geronimo Lacey 55 months ago
ETristanBooth 68 months ago
16/17, which is pretty good considering I never watched WKRP.
CruiseGirl4Life 68 months ago
13/17 yikes and which is quite a surprise.
Lacey 68 months ago
17/17 through the last one was an educated guess.
Wayne2049 68 months ago
Many of the answers were obvious from the surrounding characters. I could kick myself for not recognizing Matlock (Andy Griffith) in question #16.
CatMomWanda 68 months ago
16/17. I had forgotten many of these guest appearances. Fun quiz.
EllisClevenger 68 months ago
You got 16 out of 17
You connected all the dots and rocked this one!
Missed #7 The IT question.
EdCaf 68 months ago
Rule of thumb...if you don't knw the answer and one of the choices is ALF, choose it.
jholton30062 68 months ago
13/17. Would have been 14/17, except I forgot the trick to taking a MeTV quiz: if "ALF" or "The Twilight Zone" is one of the choices, that's the answer...
Geronimo 68 months ago

i rocked this quiz with ease.............................16/17
daDoctah 68 months ago
Hesseman was on a lot of shows when I was a kid. As a member of the Committee comedy group on the Smothers Brothers show, as a counterpoint to Joe Friday on a face-off TV show on Dragnet, and as patient on the Bob Newhart show who gets rejected by the rest of his therapy group when he comes out as gay.
In the Dragnet episode, he's listed in the credits as "Don Sturdy."
Geronimo daDoctah 68 months ago
Mr. know-it-all
ETristanBooth daDoctah 68 months ago
He was very good in that Bob Newhart episode because he played the character as very ordinary. As for this quiz, I got #1 right because I know the episode, but I hadn't realized that was him playing the hot dog guy.
rycki1138 68 months ago
16 out of 17
You connected all the dots and rocked this one!
I missed the Stephen King one.
Bobbo rycki1138 68 months ago
Same score here. I missed the Brady Bunch one.
DIGGER1 68 months ago

You got 17 out of 17
You connected all the dots and rocked this one!
Geronimo DIGGER1 68 months ago
lucky guesses
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