Can you guess which scary movie had the bigger budget?

It's Frankenstein vs. the Mummy. Jaws vs. The Exorcist.

Some of the biggest horror movies of all time took big bucks to pull off, but others featured creatures amazingly conceived on a shoestring budget. Only scary movie fans as dedicated to the craft as Svengoolie have cared to peek behind the mask of these movies' magic to see what it took to get you to squirm so much in your seat. 

Below, we go decade by decade, picking out some of the best-known horror, sci-fi and supernatural scare flicks to see if you can tell the difference between million-dollar chills and hair-raising films that spooked you just as much on the cheap. Good luck!

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  1. Which classic Boris Karloff monster movie had the bigger budget, Frankenstein or The Mummy?
  2. Which 1970s critically acclaimed horror movie had the bigger budget, The Exorcist or Jaws?
  3. In 1982, we got a double dose of sci-fi scares with Poltergeist and The Thing, but which one had the bigger budget?
  4. Both Alien and An American Werewolf in London were creature features that delivered monstrous effects, but which one had the bigger budget?
  5. In the mid-'80s, both The Fly and A Nightmare on Elm Street got pretty gruesome with the special effects, but which one had the bigger budget?
  6. When it comes to cinematic horror movies Night of the Living Dead and Rosemary's Baby both top lists, but which one had the bigger budget?
  7. Which iconic horror movie do you think had the bigger budget, The Blob or Psycho?
  8. Both Halloween and The Evil Dead broke out into full franchises, but which one had the bigger budget originally?
  9. In 1987, we met both Hellraiser and Predator. Scary times. Which movie had the bigger budget?
  10. Final question. Whose movie had the bigger budget in the 1930s, Dracula or King Kong?

Can you guess which scary movie had the bigger budget?

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TexasGreek 52 months ago
Missed #6 & #8
You got 8 out of 10
When it comes to your memory for horror movies, you've got something VERY BIG!
FrancisAnthony 63 months ago
I guess logic mostly won out for me, 8/10. I couldn't believe The Exorcist had a bigger budget then Jaws! Got schooled on that one! And Psycho had a bigger budget then The Blob? Not sure how that happened, but guess it did. Maybe a good chunk of the budget went to the actors. Don't know.
Lacey 68 months ago
Did not do well on this one AND most of these movies did not do well with their money.
Barry22 68 months ago
7/10, how could The Exorcist have a bigger budget than Jaws?
Tim Barry22 68 months ago
At first I felt the same way, then I remembered reading that Spielberg was shooting on a shoestring budget and had to keep going back for money. Original budget - only $3.5 million, which more than doubled by the end of production.
FrancisAnthony Barry22 63 months ago
Agreed. Spielberg was almost pushed to the brink of insanity with that one!
AndrewHass 68 months ago
I was 4/10 but on most i just guessed.
harlow1313 68 months ago
Got "Manos, the Hands of Fate" wrong.
cperrynaples harlow1313 68 months ago
In the sarcastic words of Milton Berle, "Ohh,funny...very funny!"
cperrynaples 68 months ago
9/10! Missed Frankenstein! "Do you think it takes talent to play Frankenstein? It's all makeup and grunting...Argh!!"
CatMomWanda 69 months ago
9/10. So close. I skipped The Evil Dead/Halloween, because I knew they were both "low budget" movies. I couldn't decide which one to choose and of course, I was wrong.
DIGGER1 CatMomWanda 68 months ago
You should have used IMDb and/or Wikipedia to learn what the budget was for all of these films.
TexasGreek DIGGER1 52 months ago
Cheating!! LOL
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