Can you guess which of these famous child star siblings is older?

From the Osmonds to the Camerons, the Howard brothers to the Cartwright sisters. Who was born first?


Image: The Everett Collection

Whether singing together, starring in the same sitcom or carving out their own separate paths, plenty of real-life siblings have found success in television. Many kids who won starring roles invited their brothers or sisters on as guests and made their shows a family affair.

Here are 10 sibling pairs who appeared on TV from the Sixties through the Nineties. Can you guess who is the older child? Hint: Don't be fooled by the pictures. We've used images from different years to make it harder. Good luck!

  1. Which Osmond sibling is older?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  2. Which Howard brother is older?
  3. Which Foster sibling is older?
  4. Which Cameron sibling is older?
  5. Let's take a look at the Lookinlands. Which brother is older?
  6. Do you know which Bateman sibling is older?
  7. Which Cartwright sister is older?
  8. Which Moran sibling is older?
  9. Can you guess which Cotler sibling is older?
  10. Both Livingstons were in My Three Sons! Who is older?

Can you guess which of these famous child star siblings is older?

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ThomasPotter 4 months ago
I used to have a huge crush on Justine Bateman
Coldnorth 26 months ago
For some reason when I bomb a quiz I usually get 7 out of 10
JDnHuntsvilleAL 26 months ago
How about Missy Gold (Benson) and Tracey Gold (Growing Pains)?
vinman63 26 months ago
Jerry Mathers’ younger brother stared on a Bewitched episode.
vinman63 vinman63 26 months ago
Jim was his name.
vinman63 26 months ago
Todd Lookinglands played on a Brady episode where he was adopted by Ken Berry.
Toot1956 26 months ago
Did'nt k Jodie Foster was related to Buddy Foster.
Lantern 27 months ago
Quiz should have included Dawn Lyn and Leif Garrett.
Steffi 27 months ago
Love doing these quizzes! Keep them coming!! Thank you 😊
richardkel 27 months ago
Just found an amazing group of siblings that would have been perfect for this quiz. Melissa Gilbert and Jonathon Gilbert (Laura Ingalls and Willie Oleson from LHOTP) were real life brother and sister. I never knew that when I watched the series. Sarah Gilbert (Rosanne and TBBT) was their adopted sister. That I knew. From oldest to youngest it is Melissa, Sarah and Jonathon. Thought this cool fun fact might interest some people who post here.
Michael 27 months ago
What about Alf and Ralph Monroe? Who was older?
richardkel Michael 27 months ago
I always thought that they were twins, fraternal of course.
Michael richardkel 27 months ago
Someone had to come out first.
MikefromJersey 27 months ago
8 for 10.
Tia and Tamera Mowry, Olsen sisters, make a much better choice than the
Moran siblings. Who the heck is Tony Moran? Seriously, did anyone here
know what show he was on?
Michael MikefromJersey 27 months ago
But it's much harder to tell who is older with twins.
rstuv MikefromJersey 27 months ago
Tony Moran played Michael Meyers (Myers?) in Halloween.
Sidney20 Michael 27 months ago
Yes, minutes older isn't fun to try to guess, IMHO....But I had not heard of Tony Moran either.
RichLorn 27 months ago
Being an only child I was at a disadvantage. My sister agrees.
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