Can you guess which classic Western these child stars are in?

Ron Howard, Jodie Foster, Kurt Russell and many more were all in Westerns from the '50s through the '70s.


When Westerns first came to television with series like The Lone Ranger, they were thought of mostly as entertainment for kids. But the stories soon evolved and audiences of all ages tuned in to the various Old West programs that proliferated across the airwaves.

But that doesn't mean Western stories forgot all about younger audiences. There were plenty of Westerns that starred young actors — even in serious and compelling stories. Can you guess which Western these child stars are in?

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  1. Johnny Crawford will always be the quintessential Western kid because of The Rifleman. Which other Western is he in here?
  2. Melissa Gilbert starred in which Western?
  3. Before Lost in Space, Bill Mumy was in "The Sam Darland Story" - an episode of...
  4. Kurt Russell was in this Western ten years apart.
  5. Here is Ron Howard in...
  6. He was Eddie Haskell on Leave it to Beaver, but Ken Osmond also appeared with Patty McCormack in...
  7. Waltons star Richard Thomas (and his blond wig) guest starred in...
  8. Jodie Foster and Erin Moran were both in the same Christmas episode of...
  9. Before starring in Dennis the Menace, Jay North appeared in...
  10. Clint Howard searches for God on a mountain in...
  11. Before he became Jason Walton, Jon Walmsley appeared in this spooky episode of...
  12. Jan Brady herself Eve Plumb appeared in an episode of...

Can you guess which classic Western these child stars are in?

Your Result...

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RB 20 months ago
7/12 is better than I expected to do. I can barely tell one western from another.
Randall 36 months ago
For the record Melissa Gilbert did appear on a episode of GUNSMOKE with Will Windom and as a MAJOR LHTOP Fan it is NOT a western, although Ed Friendly Pitched it to NBC as a PASTORAL WESTERN it is more like WALTONS MOUNTAIN Than the Wild west you could say it is in a classification of two if you include GRIZZLY ADAMS, another fave!
texasluva 36 months ago
Heavenly shades of night are falling, its movie quiz time. Out of the mist LaDolceVita guessed our movie rhyme. Congrats LaDolceVita for giving us all what our wish was in Lonely Are The Brave.

Lonely Are the Brave (1962) 1 hr 47 min
Director: David Miller
Kirk Douglas
Walter Matthau
Gena Rowlands
Carroll O'Connor
George Kennedy

Note: Did anyone notice in the bar fight "the one armed man"? Same character Dr. Richard Kimble was trying to chase down for murdering his wife (The Fugitive). Bill Raisch. Also Bill Bixby was in his first movie but uncredited. Airman in Helicopter (uncredited)
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Moody texasluva 36 months ago
This is a good movie with a great ending. Believe or not, I talked my wife into going to the theater to see this with me. It wasn't one of my better ideas. It goes without saying, she didn't like it.
texasluva Moody 36 months ago
I am not sure but I think he struck out the side 3 times in that game plus the fact 2 innings he did not have a strike out. Meaning he struck out 17 out 22 batters otherwise. One hit, no walks 17 k's Goes into the record book for sure Book marking that highlight
texasluva Moody 36 months ago
That is what I forgot is to send her the file. I was thinking who I might have forgotten. Yeah she seems not to like the Macabre, unworldly, monsters or horror movies.
texasluva LittleMissNoName 36 months ago
!!Wanted!! but preferred Alive
Those that wish to participate in the Weekly Movie Quiz.
Conversation as to what this movie might be
Winners name in MeTV Lights
Just plain ole fun
Let's Do it at: Are these cartoon villains facing off against Bugs Bunny or someone else?
No later then 10 P.M CT
Cartoons: Hong Kong Phooey tonight
texasluva 36 months ago
Friday Night Movie Quiz-Drama, Western.

Our hero is stuck in the modern era from the past and is not willing to bend for anyone. Not seeing eye to eye with others either by chance or his own Idealistic ways. Ends up on the wrong side of the law. Only to be chased to a dramatic ending. Many name actors are in this thriller and there are no relaxing moments to dwell upon. This movie is one of my favorites of these times. Get ready to ride your horse into the sunset.
Note: For those less fortunate and and need a XY Chromosomes trail clues. Two actors played in The TV series The Fugitive. Another in Airport. Actress played in Alfred Hitchcock Hour and many movies, tv movie and shows. You will know at least 6 of the cast which one was uncredited. That one actor will come to star in many a tv series and character later in career

Classic Hits

Return To Sender. Elvis Presley.

Creedence Clearwater Revival — Down On The Corner.

Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders — Game Of Love.


Lesley Gore — You Don't Own Me.

Rich Little Carson Tonight Show 1973-Watergate-Nixson-Bogart (Caine Mutiny) and others (crack-up).

Bonus movie takes us to Back To The Future (1985) HD Quality. Yes Marty McFly and good ole Biff along with our wacky Doc Brown. Let's travel with them.

Back to the Future (1985) 1 hr 55 min
Adventure , Comedy, Sci-fi
Director: Robert Zemeckis

Michael J. Fox
Christopher Lloyd
Lea Thompson
Crispin Glover
Thomas F. Wilson

Yes we have cartoons! The Roadrunner 1 hr 44 min of fun. Beep Beep, Ready** Set** Zoom!, Scrambled Aches and lots more folks.

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LaDolceVita texasluva 36 months ago
Oh, I've seen this movie before and I did not like it one bit! My husband talked me into going to see it many years ago. He told me it was not very scary but just about a boy with special powers. He said we had to watch before we let the children see it. I hate this movie because it was so scary. I was angry with him for that. You don't make a Italian woman angry. haha! But i want to ask you why you show so many scary movies for your quiz? Can you do some comedy or romantic movies? I know those would be welcome by the others also. The westerns are ok though. But whatevver you choose is good because people have fun. Grazie!
texasluva LaDolceVita 36 months ago
I understand your point. I know a lot of people that can not tolerate horror movies and such.
The Sixth Sense though is not really a horror movie per say. It is labeled Drama, Mystery and Thriller. I know there are spirts and things in the movie that one may not like. I was just giving it out to all the quizzers during the week before the movie quiz. I will remember though to be a little easier on my selections. My selections on Friday will be a fun bonus movie western with John Wayne. Now the movie quiz is not a horror per say but some anxious moments with a possible murder. It is an exciting movie all the same. Twists and turns and plots. More of a crime, Noir and thriller. There will be some cartoons and also exciting events in history in-between. I have lots of plans in the future for all types of movies. Maybe a musical or two along the way. Maybe a Nancy Drew Mystery-they are not really scary. Now don't let that Mr Moody know what's a coming. You can tell him the bonus movie type and other but the quiz I do not want him a head start he he. I've got 3 vultures lurking now instead of 2. LMNN-MPH and that Moody It's all okay and fun. I get a kick out of having a quiz and the conversation. It's a good group. So the quiz is a tad scary but a Classic of proportions. Sometimes people need a little tick of the heart to keep it a beating. So we won't be doing Frankenstein, Wolfman of London, Scream or Psycho this week
texasluva LaDolceVita 36 months ago
You are right. So I am giving you a replacement for that dreadful Sixth Sense. This one is comedy, romance, Drama. Lover Come Back (1961) Doris Day, Rock Hudson. In wonderful color. 1 hr 46 min.

texasluva LaDolceVita 35 months ago
For the Movie Quiz posters
Your movie of the week
Staring Michael Douglas/Robert Duvall/Barbara Hershey
Falling Down (1993) 1 hr 52 minutes
Director: Joel Schumacher
Take the hottest day of the year, a traffic gridlock, cracked pavements, dirty streets, unwarranted hostility and a general feeling of being short changed. Then add the frustrations of having an estranged wife and child, an extremely jaded and unbalanced mindset, and the frustration of being obsolete with no marketable skills. Set them against the decadent back drop of modern day LA where if you are 'Not economically viable,' you are of no use, and the result is Falling Down.
robyni23 36 months ago
You got 8 out of 12
You may have missed a few, but there's no need to wig out. Better luck next time!
Total guesses
JewelsChuck 36 months ago
11/12…not too bad for someone who never cared for western tv shows like I do today.
RobertM 36 months ago
The Erin Moran in the above picture has blonde hair, but Joanie Cunningham was a brunette--there must've been a dye job somewhere between those two roles!
JewelsChuck RobertM 36 months ago
I think it’s a wig…because she was on Family Affair and it was brunette.
RobertM 36 months ago
This comment has been removed.
LoveMETV22 RobertM 36 months ago
The Erin Moran picture in question #8 was probably a wig. I think she was always brunette.
JanFresh 36 months ago
10/12...literally #10 & #11 got me😐
snifferdog 36 months ago
Not a fan of westerns
4 out of 12
Shatner1 36 months ago
10/12. Boy, Clint Howard was a strange little kid!
LH Shatner1 36 months ago
I thought he was so cute as Leon (who was always eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich) on Andy Griffith, but he kinda went downhill after that!
JanFresh LH 36 months ago
He ugly now
JanFresh LH 36 months ago
He was adorable as a child, but something went wrong somewhere cuz he's a scary sight now.
jimmyvici 36 months ago
4/12….💩 the stick on this one folks. Yikes.
Keith 36 months ago
8/12 missed a few but that was fun quiz.
Snickers 36 months ago
Bombed on that one only 7 out of 12.
dodgebob 36 months ago
5/12 yeah..... oh thats bad
Runeshaper dodgebob 36 months ago
Give yourself credit! I guessed a lot lol
retro6 36 months ago
12/12! I can’t believe I got a perfect score. I do feel like being born in 63 I had a heightened sense of these child actors either in current shows or the common reruns in the 70’s. The Kurt Russell one I deduced from a black and white pic and colored pic 10 yrs later. Bonanza and The Virginian I don’t believe we’re ever in black and white.
richardkel retro6 36 months ago
12/12. I knew most of the rest without question, but guessed the same one for Kurt Russell using the same logic. I think I remember the color episode. He was a very young man hunting his father's killer, who was also his uncle. Not sure about the black and white episode
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