Who came first, Perry Mason or the cast of Happy Days?

Were Ron, Henry, Erin, Scott and the rest born before the courtroom drama aired on TV?


Though produced in the 1970s and early '80s, Happy Days took place twenty years prior. It was a nostalgic portrayal of 1950s America.

The courtroom drama Perry Mason was one of the most popular shows at that time, premiering in 1957. Can you guess if the cast of Happy Days was born before or after Perry Mason came on the air?

  1. Was Henry Winkler born before Perry Mason premiered on television?
  2. Which came first — Ron Howard's birth or the premiere of Perry Mason on television?
  3. Was Erin Moran born before or after the Perry Mason premiere?
  4. Who existed first, Perry Mason on TV or Anson Williams?
  5. Was Don Most born before audiences saw Perry Mason on the small screen?
  6. What about Scott Baio?
  7. Was Lynda Goodfriend alive before Raymond Burr played the titular defense attorney in Perry Mason?
  8. Could Ted McGinley have watched Perry Mason debut on television?
  9. Was Cathy Silvers born before or after Perry Mason started airing?
  10. Could Linda Purl have seen the Perry Mason premiere?
  11. What about Crystal Bernard?
  12. When was Kevin Rodney Sullivan born in relation to the TV courtroom drama?
  13. Real life couple Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks both appeared on Happy Days and were also born in the same year. Was it also the year Perry Mason premiered?

Who came first, Perry Mason or the cast of Happy Days?

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Jeffrey 47 months ago
''You got 10 out of 13'' -------------You still got it! Nice work! I missed 2, 7 & 8.
MadMadMadWorld 48 months ago
#1 GOOF by MeTV! Henry Winkler is a '45 baby, not '49, and therefore he was an old 28 when Happy Days started in '74. I knew he was in his mid-70s now, instead of only 70. Born on Oct. 30, 1945. Right after the end of WW2. Shame on MeTV for not getting his birthdate correct, as they could easily find on IMDb.com! https://www.imdb.com/name/nm000185
MeTV fixed their original birth year for Henry Winkler. Good for them! Love their lineup of great, timeless tv series!
mcfarlanejb 48 months ago
12/13, I still got it! The only one I missed was Kevin Rodney Sullivan—who the heck was he? I can’t for the life of me remember him, so i had no clue about when he was born.
frenchman71 48 months ago
Nailed it, 13/13. I think this was only the 3rd quiz I aced on here. I based it all on my age since I was born 3 months before "Mason" premiered. But all of these other "Happy Days" characters that weren't part of the original show... that's why I feel the show went downhill. Just my opinion.
RickeyMulkey 48 months ago
You got 11 out of 13
You still got it! Nice work!
TeeTwoThree 48 months ago
Henry Winkler was born in 1945, not 1949.
ncadams27 48 months ago
Notice that the actors playing high school kids (Ritchie, Ralph, and Potsie) were in their 20’s when the show began. Looks like they flunked a few classes.
andyp777 48 months ago
There's an error in the Kevin Rodney Sullivan question. If he was born in '58 & the show started in '57, the answer SHOULD be a year AFTER! So I got 11/13 instead....
SalIanni andyp777 48 months ago
Who is Kevin Rodney Sullivan? I never saw him on "Happy Days" before. Is he famous for anything else besides being an obscure trivia question?
frenchman71 SalIanni 48 months ago
I don't remember the character at all but that's when the show was already too silly to watch.
MrsPhilHarris 48 months ago
10/13 I wasn't counting on some of those characters being in the quiz. Frankly I forgot some of them. I really only like the episodes that were not in front of a live audience.
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