Can you guess what year these popular Christmas episodes aired?

Do you know which year these classic Christmas episodes aired?


There's nothing like watching a Christmas episode for the very first time. Many of those classic holiday-themed episodes aired decades ago, and it can be hard to remember which year we first saw them on our television screens.

If we made a quiz that lists all Christmas episodes, it would be hundreds of questions. We want to know if you remember what year these popular Christmas episodes aired.

Maybe it'll unlock good memories! Good luck!

  1. What year did The Andy Griffith Show episode "Christmas Story" air?
  2. What year did The Waltons episode "The Best Christmas" air?
  3. What year did The Addams Family episode "Christmas with the Addams Family" air?
  4. What year did the Cheers episode "Christmas Cheers" air?
  5. What year did the Green Acres episode "An Old-Fashioned Christmas" air?
  6. What year did the WKRP Cincinnati episode "Jennifer's Home for Christmas" air?
  7. What year did The Brady Bunch episode "The Voice of Christmas" air?
  8. What year did the Laverne & Shirley episode "Oh Hear the Angels' Voices" air?
  9. What year did the M*A*S*H episode "Dear Dad" air?
  10. What year did the Happy Days episode "Guess Who's Coming to Christmas" air?

Can you guess what year these popular Christmas episodes aired?

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KirwoodDerby 17 months ago
I believe that the 1974 Happy Days Christmas episode is my favorite of all Christmas shows.
The family shows so much love and kindness for Fonzie who has nowhere to go for Christmas.
JeffPaul76 17 months ago
Well, you all did better than I did. Even the ones who 2 correct, as I got only 1 correct. #10.
JeffPaul76 17 months ago
"Tis the season. You got 1 out of 10" -----I only got #10 right. I guessed at all of them, and got only 1 right.
Steve2021 17 months ago
9/10 Ayyyyy ! THE Cunninghams invite Fonzie to join them on Christmas Day .
cperrynaples 17 months ago
I knew 1 and 7-10 happened the first December those shows were on, and some answers didn't match the era the show ran! For example, 3 wasn't on either 1963 or 1967, so 1965 won by default!
CaptainDunsel 17 months ago
Mostly semi-educated guesses. #3 and #9 were my only reasonably confident answers.
Dugan 17 months ago
Missed three. My favorites were the Cheers and WKRP episodes
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