Can you guess the Christmas item based on a description?

Can you name the right decoration based on a few words?


Christmas is just a few days away, and we're all ready to be surrounded by family and add to our lifelong memories. We all know what holiday decorations look like and can easily name them when we see pictures. Yet, can you guess the right decoration based on a description of the item?

It might sound easy, but take this quiz to see if you're one of the few who can pass without problems. 

  1. This decoration can be any shape but is traditionally round. It has a hook and is primarily made of plastic.
  2. This decoration is usually gold and makes a sound when you shake it.
  3. This decoration can be eaten, comes in various flavors and can be placed almost anywhere.
  4. This decoration covers gifts and comes in the form of long rolls.
  5. This decoration is used to countdown the days till Christmas.
  6. This decoration can be plastic or have a velvety texture and can be placed anywhere, including on doors.
  7. This decoration is in the shape of an animal and is made of wire, and usually has lights on them.
  8. This decoration can be one color or multiple, and you can wrap it around a tree or staircase railing.
  9. This decoration resembles something that usually falls during the winter.
  10. This decoration is the main attraction. It can be plastic or real and ranges in different sizes.

Can you guess the Christmas item based on a description?

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nerakr 17 months ago
9/10. Popcorn can come in many flavors, too.
BorisK nerakr 17 months ago
I know!
sgruss nerakr 16 months ago
True…but once it is strung to make a garland it’s not really edible.
AnnieS 17 months ago
I'm sorry, but this was a really bad quiz. My ornaments are glass, my bells are silver -- there's even a song, wrapping paper is not a decoration....
BenSobeleone 17 months ago
Speaking of Christmas decorations, I have one of those brass angel chimes carousel with the candles. Our Aunt gave that to our family back in the 1970s.
DanDo77 17 months ago
9/10, I know a lot about Christmas decorations and I'm Jewish. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!
that's lovely!! i'm not Jewish or anything, but i've always thought Hanukkah is just such a beautiful celebration :-) i love to research Jewish culture!
leebilly2 17 months ago

MY WIFE OF 54 years, passed away.
Californiaowls leebilly2 17 months ago
I’m so sorry 😢
johnkov 17 months ago
10/10 Merry Christmas ✝️🎄
gypsy 17 months ago
10/10 Merry Christmas ✝️
JeffPaul76 17 months ago
"Here's the moment of truth. You got 9 out of 10" Well, would you call yourself a decoration description genius? No, I got number 6 wrong. I said Stockings instead of Ribbon Bows. I figured Stockings could be placed on doors. I didn't even decorate this year.
RobertK 17 months ago
10 of 10. This quiz was pretty easy! It seemed like a Christmas gift from METV to make up for all the quizzes I bombed over the year! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and a Great New Year to all!
AnnieS RobertK 17 months ago
Not to me. My wreath is plastic, and my ornaments are glass.
AlbertHanson 17 months ago
8/10. I disagree with the answers for Questions #1 & 7. On Question #1--ornaments are now being primarily made out of plastic and have a hook to hold the ornament to a tree branch, garland, etc. On Question #7--outside figures of bears and other animals are made out of plastic coated wire and are lit with miniature lights.
AnnieS AlbertHanson 17 months ago
Yeah, but ornament was the answer.
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