Can you guess what these criminals are up to on Dragnet?

They range from silly to downright diabolical.


When Jack Webb restarted his well-known 1950s detective series Dragnet in 1967, the world was a much different place. The new series reflected that in its wide variety of cases. Some were incredibly serious and some were a categorically kooky.

The suspects were the driving forces behind the tone of each episode.

Here are twelve criminals from Dragnet taken in by Joe Friday. Can you guess what nefarious things they were trying to get away with?

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  1. What is this elderly repairman in trouble for?
  2. What did this psychedelic fellow do?
  3. What do these papers show this man did wrong?
  4. What is this man guilty of?
  5. What did these kids do?
  6. This man was caught in the act of...
  7. Why is this woman taking the law into her own hands?
  8. What did these men do in this laudromat?
  9. Why is Friday so mad at this woman?
  10. What is this boy threatening to do?
  11. These furs are...
  12. Why does this man have all these disguises?

Can you guess what these criminals are up to on Dragnet?

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Susan00100 23 months ago
I wish MeTV would air the original series.
It was much grittier than this lame reboot!
ryche9 42 months ago
Are dragnet episodes not in 2021 winter schedule?
cajuntractor 47 months ago
12/12. Im a dragnet junkie, radio or TV. I listen to the radio show on Radio classics and watch b/w and color episodes wherever and whenever possible.
raustin2008 48 months ago
I love this show. Can’t believe I missed 1.🙂
NickyJr898 raustin2008 47 months ago
raustin2008, Dragnet is a good classic cop series
raustin2008 NickyJr898 47 months ago
I have all 4 seasons of the 2nd incarnation on DVD as well as some sets of the 50’s black and white. In the 50’s version, Jack Webb speaks much softer and has different partners but still an interesting show. I noticed that at the end, more or the criminals got the death penalty. 🙂
NickyJr898 raustin2008 47 months ago
I have the first three seasons of the second incarnation on DVD. I have also seen the rare 1966 pilot movie,
raustin2008 NickyJr898 47 months ago
Yes, I think that is included in season 1. I also have 3 seasons of Adam-12
NickyJr898 raustin2008 47 months ago
I just bought seasons 1 and 7 of Adam-12 this past weekend.
cajuntractor raustin2008 47 months ago
Alot of the episodes are also recycled from the black an white series (origianlly called Badge 714) to the colored series. Just changed a few items to make it fit the times.
raustin2008 cajuntractor 47 months ago
I know there is a Christmas episode that is just about word for word.
NevaMo 48 months ago
Comic Book guy was the 'star' of Clonus, a MST3k classic.
dethLSMO89 50 months ago
7 out of 12. Not bad considering I never watched Dragnet.
Laura 51 months ago
8-10 I watch this alot.
Laura 50 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Randall 51 months ago
Some FYI for those who might be interested, many of the performers in their roles on Dragnet originally came from a elite group of radio actors from the Gunsmoke radio series and other popular radio shows in the '50s like Ralph Moody, Virginia Gregg, Howard Culver and others, and one in particular was Vic Perrin who also was a well known announcer for many 60's tv series like the intro to the Outer Limits, and Trekkies should know him well as the voice of many aliens in STTOS including the voice of NOMAD in The Changeling episode !
Randall 50 months ago
This comment has been removed.
sandman 51 months ago
My score was so bad, I’m back on foot patrol!
AlbertHanson 51 months ago
11/12 Missed #6. It's the only one I didn't remember the episode it came from.
Barry22 51 months ago
12/12. My Dad said I would end up like the comic book guy, so he took away my comic books. I was eleven.
forthekids 51 months ago
"Chris'father"left the country..because..his wife kept pestering his boss' to raise his that he could pay for his ex wife's alimony and child support("Mr.Larry Devon"always paid for his ex-wife's needs and his son's)..but.."Mrs.Devon"got too greedy and she insulted her ex husband's boss' to the point of getting him fired.Hence..he had to get away from her..He wanted to gain custody of his son..but his ex wife and the court's said no.
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