Can you find the one animated character NOT voiced by Pat Buttram from Green Acres?

He used his hilarious inflection in all kinds of animated movies.


Images: Disney / The Everett Collection

With his distinctive southern inflection, Pat Buttram was the go-to actor for many hillbilly and cowboy roles throughout his career. He is best known as swindling salesman Mr. Haney on Green Acres but he also put his trademark voice to good use in many animated projects.

We’ve put together eight cartoon characters that were voiced by Pat Buttram and one that wasn’t. Choose which one you think he did NOT do and keep trying until you find it!

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  1. Which of these animated characters was NOT voiced by Pat Buttram?

Can you find the one animated character NOT voiced by Pat Buttram from Green Acres?

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Sven24 32 months ago
3 try mistook the hound dog as the one from the 101 Dalamtions
PilotTom 33 months ago
Lucked out , got it on the first try ! MeTv channel 30.2 in Jacksonville Florida will not show Andy Griffith or Green Acres and will not reply to emails as to why not !!!! My wife and I just returned from a out of state vacation and got to watch Andy Griffith and Green Acres every night we where on our trip . Sure was nice !!!!!
geatornez82 33 months ago
First try. I know my cartoon voices.

Napoleon (I think) from "The Aristocats"
I know he's from "The Rescuers," but I don't remember his name
Lester of Lester's Possum Park from "A Goofy Movie"
Don't know who he is or what he's from
The Sheriff of Nottingham from Disney's animated "Robin Hood"
The Colonel from 101 Dalmations (who was voiced by J. Pat O'Malley)
Don't remember the character's name from "The Fox and the Hound" (mainly because I never saw the entire movie)
Don't remember the character's name from "The Good, The Bad, and Huckleberry Hound" (a favorite movie of my sister's)
Don't know who he is or what he's from
MaryAnn 33 months ago
2nd try did it for me. Lucky guessing.
practicaljokerfan 33 months ago
I wonder why Newt Kiley played by
Kay Kuter vanished from Hooterville
And was not on Green Acres on season
6. Roy Trendall played by Robert Foulk
Also vanished from Green Acres and
Came back to Green Acres thinking
That he was Mr. Wheeler Darlene's
Father and DARLENE was EB's girlfriend
Until Eb married a different woman
On Return to Green Acres.
Other Hooterville Residents who vanished from HOOTERVILLE included Junior Hocker
And HERBIE Bates from Petticoat Junction.
Bobbi Jo's boyfriend Jeff was replaced by
Game warden Orrin Pike.
Muleskinner 33 months ago
3rd guess. I’m happy with that. 😉
kimmer 33 months ago
Wow....I randomly found it...(after the process of elimination) was my last available guess..lmao!
Shatner1 33 months ago
2nd try! Had no idea! Went with the photos that looked least like Buttram!
lynngdance 33 months ago
Speaking of obscure Disney movies that have dog characters in them 😆. Anyone ever seen “Oliver And Company”? It kinda goes with my quiz, in that Billy Joel plays the “Dodger” character in it 😄 (I mentioned BIlly Joel in my last quiz)
MaryAnn lynngdance 33 months ago
My kids loved that movie. We watched it again and again. And again.
lynngdance MaryAnn 33 months ago
Really? Awesome! I saw it for the first time just recently, and I think it’s great too 😁 ( yes, I still like Disney movies 😬😆)
geatornez82 lynngdance 33 months ago
I love this movie, too. Then again, I love anything that involves cute kittens being cute!
Wenatchee7 33 months ago
First Try. Wish my SAT guesses were as good as this one.
JHP 33 months ago
to save my life couldnt tell what any of these characters were

picked a toon bullet - whatever that is - gees

Mr Haney - so so so funny!
Moverfan JHP 33 months ago
It seems to be s talking cartoon bullet. I have Who Framed Roger Rabbit and I don't remember that either.
Wapkep1982 Moverfan 33 months ago
When Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) goes into Toon Town, he carries a cartoon revolver and loads it with talking bullets. When he uses them, they do strange things.
texasluva 33 months ago
It wasn't 101 tries but in 3.
Douglas 33 months ago
I picked the Colonel on my second try!
gockionni 33 months ago
YES! 7 tries! I came in 2nd, criminently!!
francolaguna1 33 months ago
Amazing how many character voices were done by Pat Buttram!
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