Can you guess these TV stars from their eyes alone?

Play "eye"-spy with your favorite TV stars.

They say that eyes are the window to the soul, but for some of TV's most expressive actors, eyes are also a vehicle that drives the plot, with stars batting lashes or furrowing eyebrows to evoke crowd reactions. 

Bugged eyes can imply surprise or shame, without the actor uttering a line. Crow feet or laugh lines are proof of a person's wisdom or good nature, no backstory required. Makeup applied liberally can mean she's a movie star or an alien being. 

Viewers have looked to actors' eyes for meaning while enjoying TV's most-watched shows for decades, and that's why we want to put serious fans to the test. Can you look into their eyes and recognize these TV stars?

Take the quiz and see which stars never fail to catch your eye.
  1. Can you tell which TV star this is?
  2. How about this one?
  3. Gaze into these eyes and decide…
  4. Who had these lush lashes?
  5. Who is this surprised fellow?
  6. Can you tell which TV star this is based on his eyes?
  7. Who this is?
  8. How about these peepers?
  9. Look deep into these soulful eyes.
  10. Who is behind those spectacles?
  11. Hmm… he looks familiar.
  12. Finally, who is this?
Can you guess these TV stars from their eyes alone?

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