Can you guess the shows that added these kids to their casts?

Just about every sitcom has its own "Cousin Oliver."

Cousin Oliver may be the best-remembered kid who ever joined a famous family sitcom cast, but he's not the only one.

Here, we go back through four decades of sitcom history to see if you can remember each and every kid the sitcom world ever introduced you to.

From the earliest sitcoms to hit shows from the 1990s, see if you can keep track of all these new siblings, cousins and adopted kids. Good luck!
  1. This was one of the first kids we saw get added to a hit TV show's cast. Which show did he appear on?
  2. Here's another kid who was a late addition to this early classic TV show's cast:
  3. Let's skip way ahead to ABC's TGIF lineup, which frequently rotated new kids in. Which TGIF sitcom doubled down by introducing these twins?
  4. Here's another kid who appeared late in the series run of this popular TGIF family sitcom:
  5. Last question from the TGIF lineup, this little girl was named Lilly and featured in the cast on which show?
  6. This kid joined a family sitcom that was used to adopting new faces. Which sitcom was it?
  7. This little angel appeared on this 1970s sitcom, memorably putting an iconic character in the father figure role:
  8. By the 1990s, this sitcom was ready to add a new kid, allowing viewers to see the head of its house in a surprisingly more nurturing way:
  9. In the '80s, this kid became a prominent cast member on which sitcom?
  10. In the '70s, we saw the young actor who played Cousin Oliver appear on a different sitcom, where he was adopted by a main character. Which show was it?

Can you guess the shows that added these kids to their casts?

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