How well do you know 1970s TV shows?

We show you a groovy scene. You guess the TV show.

The 1970s was an amazing decade for television, and undoubtedly anyone tuning in at the time would have no trouble instantly recognizing all its greatest hit shows. You'll pass this quiz to the max.

But for everybody else less connected to this essential decade, let's see if you can get into a groove where you can correctly guess the right 1970s show each and every time below. Good luck!
  1. Whose wife is pictured here in her memorable, heavily-wallpapered kitchen?
  2. This is a regular poker game that occurred on which 1970s show?
  3. These girls are getting ready for the star of which sitcom to move in?
  4. The iconic TV detective star of this '70s show was famous for wearing a trench coat:
  5. This was a powerful lady of the law on which 1970s TV show?
  6. We often saw the stars of this sitcom spill into the house from this entryway:
  7. All signs point to this military show from the '70s:
  8. Rod Serling returned to haunt our TVs as the host of this 1970s show:
  9. This lovable guy worked as a bartender on which sitcom?
  10. Here's another tough as nails lady from the 1970s that fans of this show will recognize:
  11. This wealthy single dad decided to adopt on this Seventies sitcom:
  12. Finally, this lovely receptionist answered the phone on which 1970s workplace sitcom?

How well do you know 1970s TV shows?

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