Can you guess the show based on the teacher?

Let's see how many people can get an A+.

We all have our favorite teachers. In fact, some of them are probably on the small screen!

Let's see if you can figure out the TV show based on an image of its educator.

So close your books and sharpen your No. 2 pencils — it's time to ace this quiz. Good luck!
  1. Helen Crump
    CBS Television Distribution
  2. Leander Pomfritt
    20th Television
  3. Andre Malon
    MGM Television
  4. Coach Cutlip
    20th Television
  5. Coach Phillips
    CBS Television Distribution
  6. Mr. Pete Dixon
    Everett Collection
  7. Lydia Grant
  8. Mr. Belding
    CBS Television Distribution
  9. Mr. Feeny
    Buena Vista Television
  10. BONUS: What is Mr. Kotter's first name?
    Warner Bros. Television DIstribution
Can you guess the show based on the teacher?

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