Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1983?

Will it be Cheers or Mama's? How popular are your picks?

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It was a good year for pop culture in 1983. Return of the Jedi ruled the box office, while Michael Jackson dominated the charts with "Billie Jean" and "Beat It."

The TV was rather spectacular, too, with a perfect mix of sitcoms, action and drama. And lots of cool cars, of course.

So, the remote — or, well, the channel knob — is in your hand. Here's what was on the major networks. What are you watching? See how popular your picks are.
  1. We begin on February 3, 1983. It's a Thursday. What will you watch?
  2. After that's over, what are you watching in the next hour?
  3. It's a rainy Monday evening in March. We're staying in. What should we watch at 8PM?
  4. It's Sunday night and you just finished dinner. Pick a show to watch at 8PM.
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  5. We've jumped forward to fall. It's Wednesday. First, let's pick something to watch at 8PM.
    Image: NBCUniversal Television Distribution
  6. After that is over, now what are you watching at 9PM?
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  7. It's the holiday season. You're cooking with your family on a Thursday evening. What's on the TV at 8:30PM?
  8. What are you more likely to watch on Friday at 8:30PM?
    Image: Warner Bros. Television
  9. Okay, what are you more likely to watch on Saturday at 8PM?
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  10. Which anchor are you watching for your nightly news?
    Image: AP Photo
  11. Of course, you have to pick a Saturday morning cartoon, too. What would you watch at 11am?
    Image: CBS Television

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1983?

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RedjacArbez 34 months ago
Number 10 is bullshit...they are showing a picture of Dan Rather.
Chief_Ewiefee RedjacArbez 34 months ago
I think Dan Rather - CBS - was more popular in the early 80's than Brokaw -NBC
TheThirstyOne 34 months ago
Webster was unwatchable any day of the week
Tim 34 months ago
There is no year in which I would ever watch Mama's Family.
DerekBird 46 months ago
44% similar
44% similar to the most popular responses
bolonie40 46 months ago
knight rider came on Friday nights, not Sunday.
Runeshaper 51 months ago
60% similar
60% similar to the most popular responses
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