Can you guess the episode title based on one freeze frame?

Do you know the episode names for these famous moments?

How well do you know these iconic TV moments?

We'll give you a freeze frame of a famous episode, and you'll have to guess what its name is. 

You might know everything that happens in the episode, but do you know the name behind it? Let's find out!
  1. Which episode of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' is this?
  2. Looks good! Which episode of 'I Love Lucy' is this?
  3. Which episode of 'Gilligan's Island' is this?
  4. When does Jan exclaim, "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia," on 'The Brady Bunch'?
  5. In which episode does Fonzie jump the shark on 'Happy Days'?
  6. In which 'Star Trek' episode does this villain appear?
  7. Radar looks cool in this episode of 'M*A*S*H.' Which is it?
  8. Which episode of 'The Twilight Zone' is this?
  9. Holy crocodile, 'Batman'! Which episode of the series is this?
  10. What did Laverne and Shirley get themselves into in this episode?
Can you guess the episode title based on one freeze frame?

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