Can you guess the classic show from a single frame from the first episode?

Revisit these first flickers of TV genius.

Whether you caught onto hit classic shows from the moment they first aired or caught up with re-runs in syndication, the very first episode of classic TV's most popular shows delight viewers whenever they air for a reason. These initial episodes introduced some of television's very best characters.

Think you can remember every last scene from the original episodes that first brought these iconic characters into your living room? We're putting your memory to the test by presenting you with a single frame from the first episode of popular classic shows. 

Scroll through these screenshots below and find out if a single scene is enough to know your favorite show when you see it.
  1. Which classic sitcom started the first episode with the housewife doing dishes?
  2. Which classic sitcom kicked off when its star decided to break up with this guy?
  3. Which classic western show started off with this cowboy renting a room at the local inn?
  4. Which classic science-fiction show visited this planet in the first episode?
  5. Which classic sitcom forced its stars to do laundry in the first episode?
  6. Which classic sitcom expected its child star to clean this plate before the first episode ended?
  7. Which classic sitcom showed one of its stars soaking her feet in the first episode?
  8. Which classic sitcom's first episode featured the whole family invading this man's hotel in the middle of the night?
  9. Which classic detective show introduced the main antagonist with this dramatic shot?
  10. Which classic mystery anthology series began in this trailer park?
Can you guess the classic show from a single frame from the first episode?

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