Can you guess The Brady Bunch season based on the characters' looks in the opening credits?

The classic Brady Bunch opening credits didn't change, but the characters certainly grew up through the years! Can you match their looks to the correct season?


For five seasons, we got the inside story of a lovely lady and a man named Brady, who collectively raised six children under one roof. 

Through the years, we see Marcia, Jan and Cindy, along with Greg, Peter and Bobby, grow up figuratively and literally. 

Now that the theme song is stuck in your head... you can probably see the iconic Brady Bunch opening credit boxes, featuring each main character of the show looking across the screen to their various family members. 

Over the seasons, we notice how much the Brady kids grow up, as shown by the opening credits, that were redone each season of the show, except for season two and three, which remained the same. 

Do you remember how the kids changed over the years? Is it enough to tell which season you're watching, based on the opening credits and how the characters looked? 

Take our quiz and find out! 

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  1. Can you tell which season this shot of Jan is from?
  2. What season did Peter look like this in the opening credits?
  3. The youngest boy of the bunch, Bobby, is seen here in what season?
  4. This is Marcia in what season?
  5. Which season's opening credits is this picture of Cindy, the youngest girl in the group, featured in?
  6. Greg, the oldest boy in the bunch, changed quite a bit across the show's five seasons. What season are you watching if you see this image of him?
  7. To the adults now, can you tell which season Carol looked like this in the opening credits?
  8. This picture of Mike Brady is from which season?
  9. It takes a true Brady Bunch fan to tell which season this picture of Alice is from, as Ann B. Davis hardly aged!

Can you guess The Brady Bunch season based on the characters' looks in the opening credits?

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vinman63 22 months ago
Cousin Oliver was the demissed of the original run. Years later he would be the first booted off weakest link.
Tracye 23 months ago
Marcia Marcia Marcia 1/9, not groovy at all !
xamfra 23 months ago
Yay! I scored 9/9! It helped that I was in the band Smokie and penned the autobiographical smash "Living Next Door to Alice".
David xamfra 23 months ago
Love that Song! Is that really you?!
Steve2021 23 months ago
Ouch ! not fair, Alice never changes ! Boo Hoo .....
vinman63 23 months ago
So nine people lived in a house with a one bathroom and no toilet.
David vinman63 23 months ago
Bradys don't poop silly?!
Pacificsun vinman63 23 months ago
Alice had a room off the kitchen (assumed laundry room too). And we never saw her waiting in line for the kid's bathroom upstairs. However, the 2019 remodel took a single story home and made it into 2 stories. Which after the reveal, was intended to be occupied. No doubt it would have to have a 2nd bathroom.
vinman63 David 15 months ago
What are they ant lions
oldmoe51 23 months ago
Don’t want to say how bad I did
Zip 23 months ago
To every Brady Bunch picture, there is a season.
I just don't know how to match them up.
McGillahooala 23 months ago
Wow MeTV. One quiz all week. What’s going on?
Wendy57 23 months ago
It’s the story
Of a tricky quiz
That I didn’t do so well on from the start ....... 🎶
cperrynaples 23 months ago
4 was obvious. that was the season Marcia was on drugs...LOL!
MaryAnn cperrynaples 23 months ago
Groovy, man!
harlow1313 cperrynaples 23 months ago
Indeed. That was the season she dated The Blueboy. (I'm on the train...)
LoveMETV22 harlow1313 23 months ago
Season, sequel.... wouldn't matter. Would've been fun to trip with the Brady's LOL
LoveMETV22 cperrynaples 23 months ago
Not exactly the most flattering picture of Carol in the intro and #7 LOL.
KJExpress LoveMETV22 23 months ago
That photo is rather creepy!
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 23 months ago
Made me laugh!! LOL!
Randall 23 months ago
They didn't feature any of the season 5 PERMS on the boys, guess they thought it would be too easy!
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