How well do you remember when Green Acres fan favorite Arnold Ziffel went to Hollywood?

There was absolutely a place for Arnold Ziffel in Hollywood.


Through television’s golden age, we’ve heard countless tales of small-town actors who made it to Hollywood and shined under its bright lights. Maybe they got their big break after a low-budget film, audition or perhaps a play in the Hooterville Theater.

That’s where Green Acres star Arnold Ziffel turned heads, prompting Lisa Douglas to take the hog to Hollywood, dragging Oliver along for the ride.

Every fan of Green Acres has a place in their hearts for Arnold, and why wouldn’t they? He’s very talented and there’s no shortage of interesting things about him!

In “A Star Named Arnold is Born,” the pig goes from Hooterville to Hollywood. We’re putting your knowledge of this all-time classic episode to the test!

Good luck!

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  1. The title of the play Oliver and Lisa attended had to be shortened to one word, so it could fit onto the theater marquee. Can you recall what the three-letter title was?
  2. What role does Arnold the pig portray in the Hooterville play?
  3. Oliver already doesn’t want to be at the play. It gets worse when he hears how many acts are featured in the play, all with 15-minute intermissions. How many acts are there?
  4. Oliver doesn’t wait around for the play to be over to head home. After which act does he leave?
  5. The day after the play, what does Arnold bring into the Douglas household?
  6. Can you recall the name of the newspaper that publishes this story in efforts to send Arnold to Hollywood?
  7. A Hooterville telethon has only raised $9.82 through four days for Arnold’s trip to Hollywood. How much does Lisa pledge on behalf of herself and Oliver, much to his dismay?
  8. Arnold replaced a dog in the Hooterville play. What animal does Hollywood producer Mr. Fedor attempt to replace with Arnold, causing it to make the headlines of the paper?
  9. After getting the part in Mr. Fedor’s picture, Arnold’s weekly salary is set at $100. Lisa negotiates on his behalf for more. What else does Arnold get because of her negotiating?
  10. Arnold doesn’t show up to the first day of filming. As a result, he’s fired by Mr. Fedor. Why doesn’t he show up to the set?
  11. The horse that was originally cast in the picture wants to send his son to college from the royalties of the movie. Which college was this pony set to attend?

How well do you remember when Green Acres fan favorite Arnold Ziffel went to Hollywood?

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jtrain 22 months ago
10/11, got the last one wrong.
LH 22 months ago
8/11 I thought that was pretty good because I basically just guessed at every question… I don’t really remember this episode but then I never really watched Green Acres because all those people drove me crazy. They were so frustrating. The only one I really liked was Arnold Ziffel!
whitaker15 23 months ago
Great quiz! I’ve seen every episode multiple times but still got wrong answers. Thanks for the opportunity. I love MeTV
McGillahooala 23 months ago
It will soon be Wednesday MeTV. Are you going to give us any new quizzes?
Snickers McGillahooala 23 months ago
Nope, same old quiz as of 12:12 P.M July 27th.
lucyfan330 23 months ago
9 out of 11! Guess I'm an Arnold fan.
Zip 23 months ago
Never really got into this show and have never seen this episode, so I'd say not a bad score for all guesses.
LH Zip 22 months ago
Same here. Even as a kid I remember those people used to frustrate me because they were just so stupid. Arnold Ziffel was the best character on the show and I never saw him enough.
MaryAnn 23 months ago
I got lucky on 2/11. Never much cared for the show. 🥴
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