Can you guess how all these Andy Griffith Show characters are related?

Can you tell who's kin?

The Andy Griffith Show is all about family. Quite literally. It seems like most characters were related in some way. Mayberry is a small town, after all.

It's even said in early episodes that Barney Fife and Andy Taylor are cousins.

You the fans voted the Taylors your favorite MeTV family in Me Madness 2020. Let branch out on the family trees of Mayberry and visit some other kin.

Do you know how these folks are related?

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  1. Everyone calls her "Aunt Bee" but how is she related to Andy?
  2. It's Gomer Pyle and Goober Pyle! How are they related?
  3. How is Charlene Darling related to Briscoe Darling Jr.?
  4. This is Cousin Virgil from the episode "Cousin Virgil." Who's cousin is he?
  5. Mary Grace Gossage in the middle here was "A Date for Gomer." How was she related to Thelma Lou?
  6. Whose mother is this?
  7. Deputy Warren Ferguson was the nephew of…?
  8. How do Andy and Nora here know each other?
  9. It's Opie and Ollie. How is Ollie related to Opie?
  10. Karen Moore was the female in "The Perfect Female." Whose cousin was she?
  11. Fred and Ellie Walker work at Walker's Drugstore in Mayberry. How are they related?
  12. Cynthia was the love interest in "Opie's Girlfriend." Who was she?

Can you guess how all these Andy Griffith Show characters are related?

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leebillyold 6 days ago
#1 and #8, how is the same answer is his Aunt? explain, not right
Ashley 22 days ago
In number 12, Cynthia really is Helen's niece.
celayne16 1 month ago
I got 12 out of 12
One of my favorite shows when I need a good laugh
leebillyold 1 month ago
no answer as to correct or incorrect number 1 and number 8 have the same answer as Aunt, which is not correct. #1 is Aunt and #8 is house keeper. please correct the answer in #8
Ashley leebillyold 22 days ago
Sorry, but number 8 is correct. Nora was Andy's aunt and Bea's sister that came to visit. She appeared in other episodes as different characters, but never a housekeeper.
Dauchsund 1 month ago
That show was great.Everyone worked beautifully together.It I was always excited about watching it.To this day brings me happiness.
Laura 1 month ago
My favorite show of all time!
Dauchsund 1 month ago
I love the show.It is so much fun watching.When I am down he always picks me up!
EllisClevenger 1 month ago
You got 9 out of 12
You steered through that with relative ease! Nice work!
Missed #7, #11, and #12.
Kriperman95 1 month ago
7 out of 12... not too good. Too many people related to each other in mayberry... ITS A CRAZY TOWN!!!!!
Shannondoah 1 month ago
11/12... it pays to spend time with the folks in Mayberry nightly
hermanstein2015 1 month ago
12/12 bc this is the GREATEST SHOW EVER!!! (yes I was yelling lol)
GayleE 1 month ago
Andy and Barney are cousins according to some of the first episodes.
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