Can you tell the difference between Maverick episodes and Humphrey Bogart movies?

Are these titles TV western adventures or film noir classics?


Image: The Everett Collection

Humphrey Bogart and James Garner were classic Hollywood stars in their own ways. Both played handsome leading heroes but one was decidedly more serious than the other. Bogart came up just as movies gained sound while Garner followed a few decades later and was equally comfortable on the big and small screens.

Here are 20 titles taken from Maverick episodes and Bogart films. Can you tell one from the other?

  1. War of the Silver Kings
  2. The Maltese Falcon
  3. The Barefoot Contessa
  4. The Jeweled Gun
  5. Men Are Such Fools
  6. Trail West to Fury
  7. Two Against the World
  8. Up the River
  9. Escape to Tampico
  10. The Quick and the Dead
  11. Angels with Dirty Faces
  12. Ghost Rider
  13. Island in the Swamp
  14. Bullets or Ballots
  15. Burial Ground of the Gods
  16. The Wagons Roll at Night
  17. Two Tickets to Ten Strike
  18. The Oklahoma Kid
  19. Prey of the Cat
  20. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Can you tell the difference between Maverick episodes and Humphrey Bogart movies?

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Susan00100 28 months ago
I never heard of a Bogart movie called TWO AGAINST THE WORLD.
Does anyone know who else was in it?
Filmnoirfan 41 months ago
15/20 - not quite the stuff that dreams are made of
Filmnoirfan 44 months ago
16/20 - anyone that nails this one deserves an applause. Here’s looking at you, kid
trogg888 44 months ago
missed a couple but who cares,i loved both of those guys and saw every bogart movie and all garner stuff
daDoctah 44 months ago
My favorite Bogart movie at the moment, not listed here, is "In a Lonely Place". I stumbled across it after noticing actress Jeff (yes, a woman named Jeff) Donnell in one of the "Whistler" pictures and started looking up her other work. She was married to Aldo Ray, appeared in drag (probably a nod to her first name) in the Tim Holt western "The Stagecoach Kid", played George Gobel's wife on his fifties sketch comedy show and the title character's mother in the two "Gidget" movie sequels, and was still working as late as the 1980s when she appeared in an episode of Fantasy Island.

And here she's serenaded romantically by none other than Ken "Festus" Curtis:

justjeff daDoctah 44 months ago
According to a Wikipedia article:

"Curtis was with the Tommy Dorsey band in 1941, and succeeded Frank Sinatra as vocalist until Dick Haymes contractually replaced Sinatra in 1942."

As for Jeff Donnell:

"Donnell was born in South Windham, Maine, to Harold and Mildred Donnell, when her father was superintendent at a boys' reformatory in that town. As a child, she adopted the nickname "Jeff" after the character in her favorite comic strip, Mutt and Jeff."
MikefromJersey 44 months ago
18 for 20. If you recall, Bogie's widow Lauren Bacall and James Garner supposedly had an affair
when she guested on a 2 part Rockford Files, according to the gossip rags.
But that didn't fit Garner's character, he and his wife were one of Hollywood's great
love stories.
Runeshaper 44 months ago
14/20 and I’ll take it! :)
MichaelNivens Runeshaper 44 months ago
I only got 11 -this was a tough one for me - and all the constant pop-ups did not help either
trogg888 MichaelNivens 44 months ago
get add blocker
varep81861 44 months ago
Usually they don't make a film with the same name with-in 4 years. Bogart's 1936 film is known by 3 different titles - Two Against The World, One Fatal Hour, and The Case Of Mrs Peom brook. Also a remake of "Five Star Final (1931). Another piece of trivia: The $1000 that Dr Leavenworth suggests offering Miss is worth $18,700 in 2020. The $2 for the marriage license is worth about $47...................>>
frenchman71 44 months ago
I was 16/20. I'm glad they mentioned my favorite Bogart movie, "Angels with Dirty Faces". If you haven't seen that, try and get it.
cperrynaples frenchman71 44 months ago
Cagney was his co-star, but he hated the first script so much, he almost left Warner Brothers! He felt he played too many gangsters, but that was his specialty! Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this the one where he chickens out in the electric chair in order to teach the gang boys crime doesn't pay?
You are correct. "Rocky turned yellow! I don't believe it!" Leo Gorcey made his bones in this flick.
frenchman71 cperrynaples 44 months ago
He did it all for lifelong buddy, Pat O'Brien...Jerry the priest.
Gorcey went on to form the Bowery Boys with Huntz Hall! I used to watch them every Saturday!
MichaelNivens frenchman71 44 months ago
Classic movie , one of Bogie's finest
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