Can you find the ONE character who does not belong on Taxi?

One of these people would never be found in the Sunshine Cab Company.

The strength of Taxi was its cast. Every member of this ensemble sitcom was a star — or would become a star — in their own right. Danny DeVito, Tony Danza, Judd Hirsch, Marilu Henner, Andy Kaufman… we could do on. Few shows had so many rich, wonderful characters.

But one of the characters below if from another sitcom. See if you can sniff out the intruder in the Sunshine Cab Company! Keep clicking until you find the right answer below.

If you need some help, you can always watch more Taxi. It's streaming for free right here on MeTV Videos.
  1. Fifteen of these characters are from Taxi. Pick the ONE character from another sitcom.

Can you find the ONE character who does not belong on Taxi?

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Filmnoirfan 27 months ago
First try - Brenda Morgenstern was a forgettable character on another forgettable show
Stephen79 65 months ago
While Kavner did play "Brenda" on Rhoda and On Mary, she did have a role on TAXI as Tony's sister Monica. A divorced flute player from Seattle who falls for Iggy , to the dismay of Tony.

Wayne2049 65 months ago
I didn't watch the show, but I also recognized the name Morgenstern from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", and the spin-off sitcom, "Rhoda".

It's interesting how we old-time TV watchers instantly recognize certain character names, actors and their roles, TV episodes, TV episode names, and in many cases plots as well as dialogue. My father, an electronics technician in the Navy, built our first TV (from a kit, I'm sure) in 1950, so I never listened to radio, but grew up on TV. I miss TV when it was entertainment, not a platform for left wing progressive propaganda.
Kirsten 65 months ago

You found the right one!
Brenda is Rhoda's sister on Rhoda. Julie Kavner, the unmistakable voice of Marge Simpson, played the character! Nice work!
teire 65 months ago
I agree that it's pretty easy. If they wanted to use a character from Rhoda, they could have gone with Joe Gerard.
cperrynaples 65 months ago
Another one that was too Easy! What kid of the 70's doesn't remember Rhoda's sister?
harlow1313 cperrynaples 65 months ago
You can't hide a Morgenstern. They may as well have used McGillicuddy.
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