Can you find the ONE celebrity who never appeared on Columbo?

See if you can I.D. the only suspicious character.

Columbo solved mysteries for decades from 1971 to 2003, and some of the biggest celebs over that long time span dropped in as victims, witnesses and even killers.

Think you know just about everybody who ever encountered the quirky detective?

Scroll through the celebrities below and try to find the ONE person who never appeared on Columbo. Good luck!

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  1. Find the ONE celebrity who did NOT appear on Columbo:

Can you find the ONE celebrity who never appeared on Columbo?

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MarkSpeck 19 days ago
Got it, but I had to guess between four people. I immediately eliminated Shatner (villain on both the original and new Columbo), Leigh, Van Dyke (both from the original), Wendt (new) and Nielsen (two episodes of the original, neither one as the killer, but he was the victim in his second appearance). That left four people, whom I'm ashamed to say I didn't recognize. I clicked Michelle Pfeiffer, who turned out to be correct (I'm guessing one of the other ladies was Faye Dunaway?).
Ann 19 days ago
Of the celebrities in the quiz which one did Colombo let get away with murder?

MarkSpeck Ann 19 days ago
Faye Dunaway in an episode of the new series.
Ann MarkSpeck 18 days ago
No guess again
Ann MarkSpeck 18 days ago
It was Janet Leigh. Her character had dementia and other ailments and had a few months to live so he let her go ----with permission from his Captain.
Eldo1 Ann 17 days ago
Huh, I created an account just to answer this question an hour after you posted it, and my reply disappeared... I put it in a very Columbophile way:

It was the mother of the snotty waitress in the Bye-Bye Sky-High IQ Murder Case - which was one of Jamie Lee Curtis's first acting jobs.
Lacey 16 months ago
Wow, got it right away and this was not that easy. I went basically on age (no offense Jamie Lee Curtis).
JeffTanner 16 months ago
I didn't know Michelle Pfeiffer never appered on''Columbo'', But then again I didn't watch it that often when it was first on, nor do I now.
MarkSpeck JeffTanner 19 days ago
She never did. She began acting shortly after the original series ended and was well into her movie career when the new version started.
DouglasMorris 16 months ago
got: found the right one! easy quiz.
AndrewHass 16 months ago
It took me two attempts to get the right one which was Michelle Pfeiffer.
BrianMoore 16 months ago
Holy crap, first attempt and I got it right!
MrsPhilHarris 16 months ago
Took two attempts. I did not recognize Martin Sheen.
MarkSpeck MrsPhilHarris 19 days ago
I didn't recognize him in that pic either. I had to go back and look at it and STILL don't think it looks like him!
MrsPhilHarris MarkSpeck 18 days ago
I just looked again and it doesn't look like him to me.
Jan 16 months ago
I lovers watching Colombo. Peter Falkwas fascinating. :). Quite a most enjoyable Show.
Wish they would place episodes on you tube for Free, please? Yes, I was correct :).
MarkSpeck Jan 19 days ago
Check again. There are episodes on YouTube, though now that Peacock is showing them for free, maybe they're not there. But they were at one time.
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