Can you fill in these actors’ names with the right color?

Altogether these actors make quite the rainbow!

Usually when colors and classic TV are mentioned together, it’s to talk about the switch from black and white. But this quiz is all about actors with colorful names!

Here are ten famous faces who all appeared on television from the Sixties through the Nineties. Can you guess which color belongs in each of their names?  

  1. This icon had many memorable guest starring roles, including on The Love Boat. What color is in her name?
  2. Though spelled differently, what color is in this Western star's name?
  3. Here is a music legend performing on The Ed Sullivan Show. What color is in his name?
  4. Here's another performer on the Ed Sullivan stage. What color is in this comedian's name?
  5. Do you recognize this funny actor in his younger days? What color is in his name?
  6. This sitcom star has a name that's a flower and a color.
  7. This Buck Rogers star has what color in her name?
  8. This comedian had his own sitcom and played a demanding dad in The Love Boat. What color is in his name?
  9. Though it's spelled differently, this Brady Bunch star shares a name with a plant that is sometimes used to describe a purple color.
  10. What color is in this Mama's Family star's name?

Can you fill in these actors’ names with the right color?

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Lillyrose 6 months ago
10 out of 10. Erin Gray was also on "Silver Spoons."
Salem 8 months ago
Wonder how many were their real names
PIRATECHRIS 8 months ago
All My Favorite Colors 🎶🎵
Got ‘em all!
Oldielover 9 months ago
9/10....Missed the very last one!...Aaaaaaaggggghhhhh!!
TigerLily2020 9 months ago
9 out of 10 not bad at all
CdnRaider TigerLily2020 9 months ago
Let me guess, TigerLily - the one you got wrong was #10!?!
TigerLily2020 9 months ago
I got 9 out of 10 correct not too bad
FLETCH 9 months ago
10 out of 10! The last one was a guess. I have no idea who that is
CdnRaider FLETCH 9 months ago
I guessed as well - I figured that since there'd already been a Black (Jack) & White (Betty) answer, it HAD to be Brown... I have no idea what his first name is!🤷‍♀️😆
rdn 9 months ago
9/10, This one was pretty easy for me.
grandpa5741 9 months ago
9 of 10 is just pretty black and white 🍭
9 months ago
8/10 … Never heard of Erin Gray for Eric Brown
Snickers cabugi 9 months ago
Erin Gray played Wilma Deering on Buck Rodgers and Eric Brown played Bubba on Mama's Family
Snickers 9 months ago
Thanks … neither of which I watched. 😊
CdnRaider cabugi 9 months ago
What year were you born, please cabugi? I'm guessing you're too young to have known who Erin Gray is, and Mama's Family was great in its 'short form' on The Carol Burnett Show, an entire 30 minutes every week was a bit much!
CdnRaider 9 months ago
1966. I never liked the “Eunice” skit on TCBS anyway. Couldn’t stand all the griping and shouting, so there was no way I would have watched Mama’s Family. Loved TCBS … As the Stomach Turns, Harvey Korman’s Mother Marcus! I still watch it on the Pluto app.
denny 9 months ago
10/10 last one was a total guess.
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