Can you fill in the missing character names for these Addams Family episode titles?

Do you know whose mother visited, who got into politics, who went missing and who became a teenage idol?


Though the original Addams Family only lasted two seasons, that was plenty of time for the ooky brood to get into all kinds of predicaments. They practiced many strange hobbies, hosted a plethora of perplexed visitors and even tried different professions!

The Addams’ exploits are reflected in the titles of fan-favorite episodes. Can you fill in the right character name for each of these episode titles?

  1. "_____ and his Harpsicord"
  2. "_____ Leaves Home"
  3. "_____, the Politician"
  4. "Mother _____ Visits the Addams Family"
  5. "_____ is Missing"
  6. "_____ the Matchmaker"
  7. "_____'s Toupee"
  8. "Ophelia Visits _____"
  9. "_____’s Little Helper"
  10. "_____ Goes on a Diet"
  11. "_____'s Allowance"
  12. "_____, the Breadwinner"
  13. "_____, the Teenage Idol"
  14. "_____, Tycoon"
  15. "_____ and _____ vs. _____ and _____"

Can you fill in the missing character names for these Addams Family episode titles?

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robyni23 35 months ago
You got 15 out of 15
You felt the groove on this quiz! Great job!
Mostly all guesses.
Dajj 35 months ago
11/15 Only on for 2 yrs?? Funny show!!
sayaw22143 36 months ago
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benita1933 36 months ago
I LOVE LOVE LOVE ME TV!!!! I hope it always stays, brings back sooo many memories. I wish they played the munsters too
Wgomez 36 months ago
I love this chanels programs.
JERRY6 36 months ago
SirBev47 36 months ago
12 out of 15, not bad? Great quiz!
jimmyvici 36 months ago
9/15…love the show, bombed this quiz
Catman 36 months ago
Had me some fun and 13/15 too.
Runeshaper 36 months ago
8/15 - not great, but I love the show!
cperrynaples 36 months ago
13/15! Most of these have already been on MeTV!
vinman63 cperrynaples 35 months ago
July 5 episode is a late one in year 2. Not sure why the episodes aren’t in order.
richardkel 36 months ago
14/15. Started to click on the correct answer to #14 and then second guessed myself.
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