Can you answer real Jeopardy! questions about The Addams Family?

Hopefully, a light bulb goes off above your head… or in your mouth.


What do The Addams Family and Jeopardy! have in common? Not much, it would seem at first glance.

But the iconic game show has featured trivia about the creepy clan quite often over the years. Nearly 80 questions, actually.

We're not going to ask you all of those. These are some of our favorites — and some of the toughest. Good luck!

  1. 6-LETTER WORDS for $600: To rot, or the uncle on "The Addams Family"
  2. IN THE BACKYARD for $1,200: A good choice for water-thrifty gardeners is Acacia cognata, also known as this, after a relative of the Addams family
  3. IRREGULAR VERBS for $400: When summoned, Lurch of 'The Addams Family' would use this two-word phrase including an irregular verb
  4. BORN IN 1912 for $200: This cartoonist's 100th birthday was commemorated with a Google doodle feature a drawing of his ghoulish family
  5. 1960s TV for $1,200: On 'The Addams Family', Ted Cassidy played not only Lurch but this disembodied hand, as well
  6. THE ADDAMS FAMILY for $400: He was Uncle Fester on the '60s TV series
  7. THE ADDAMS FAMILY for $200: The Addams got their Saturday morning start when they guest-starred on this sleuth pooch's show
  8. FILM STARS for $1,000: An Oscar winner for 'The Accused', she voiced the male role of Pugsley in 'The Addams Family' cartoons
  9. TV ACTORS & ROLES for $200: One of the Riddlers on 'Batman', he's more famous as Gomez on 'The Addams Family'
  10. TELEVISION for $200: This 'Addams Family' character's middle name was Thursday
  11. THE ADDAMS FAMILY for $100: In 1977 the original cast was reunited in a TV special celebrating this holiday
  12. THE ADDAMS FAMILY for $200: She also played Morticia's sister Ophelia Frump
  13. THE ADDAMS FAMILY for $300: In order to perform the theme properly, you should do this twice after the "da-da-da-dum"
  14. THE ADDAMS FAMILY for $400: The show was based on cartoons by Charles Addams that appeared regularly in this magazine
  15. THE ADDAMS FAMILY for $500: Jeanette MacDonald's sister, she played Grandma
  16. TV THEMES for $500: In their theme, the first four adjectives describing 'The Addams Family'

Can you answer real Jeopardy! questions about The Addams Family?

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Tresix 28 months ago
I never knew there was a plant named for Cousin Itt.
Coldnorth 35 months ago
Only one wrong. The words to the theme song. Can’t believe I missed that one
Shatner1 Coldnorth 34 months ago
Same thing!!!
JHP 35 months ago
15/16 shanked #8 - oh well -am not perfect today:)
ceeceelea 35 months ago
Gosh, I really did terrible on this one. I got 12 out of 16.
djw1120 36 months ago
I'm sorry, but little Wednesday's middle name was Friday, NOT Thursday.
This was shown in another quiz.
MeTV, you should check your related quizes before you put them out for us to try.
AdrienneHolek djw1120 27 months ago
In the episode when Wednesday runs away from home, Morticia tells the police detective (Jesse White) that Wednesday's middle name is Thursday.
36 months ago
15 out of 16. Missed Lisa Loring.
djw1120 Pilaf 36 months ago
That was not your fault.
MeTV messed up.
Wednesday's middle name was Friday, not Thursday.
DethBiz 36 months ago
I thought it was ironic that Gomez always used the exclamation "capital" and then later Carolyn Jones would finish out her career in a soap opera of the same name.
JeffPaul76 36 months ago
''You got 13 out of 16'' ------------Well, did you have the right bright ideas? Share your score! ---I got 2, 8 and 14 WRONG!!
tootsieg 36 months ago
14/16. Quiz was a lot of fun but so is the show.
JohnAustin779 36 months ago
I got 15 questions right out of 16. I added up the money for the questions and I was up to $6,000! So much fun! Thank you, MeTV, for putting up such fun games.
TSeym22 36 months ago
16/16 Guessed on a few, but mostly pretty easy.
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