A new in-depth documentary about Mary Tyler Moore is coming next year

‘Being Mary’ will tell the behind-the-scenes story of a television icon.

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The theme song for The Mary Tyler Moore Show ends with the endearing line “You’re gonna make it after all.” Of course, by that point in her career, the real Mary Tyler Moore had already “made it” in Hollywood and was on her way to becoming a television icon.

A new documentary will trace her rise from bit parts and Hotpoint appliance commercials to her Oscar-nominated performance in Ordinary People and beyond. Being Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Documentary will get access to her whole life and estate, with her husband Dr. S. Robert Levine executive producing.

Moore got her big break as Laura Petrie in The Dick Van Dyke Show. She won two Emmy Awards for her role in the acclaimed sitcom before truly becoming a household name in her own series the following decade.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show had an incredibly successful seven-season run and spawned three spinoffs. Besides being heartfelt and hilarious, the sitcom has become iconic for portraying a single, working woman in her thirties as the hero. Moore was also integral behind-the-scenes, producing the show through her company MTM Enterprises. The production company, famous for its cute kitten logo, also brought shows like WKRP in Cincinnati, Hill Street Blues and The Bob Newhart Show to life.

The new documentary will be directed by James Adolphus, who recently made the powerful documentary series Soul of a Nation. Hillman Grad Productions, founded by actor-writer-producer Lena Waithe, is producing Being Mary.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Waithe gave insight into the project. “With the help of her loving husband, Robert, and her friends and colleagues we hope to reveal that America’s sweetheart was more human than they ever imagined and was often put on a pedestal she never felt comfortable standing on,” Waithe said.

Moore’s husband also noted, “In her high school yearbook, Mary wrote: ‘The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms’… and Mary always sought to surround herself with the best. To have extraordinary and purposeful talents like Lena and James tell Mary’s story honors her in a way I know she would have treasured.”

Though no specific date has been announced, Being Mary is set for release sometime in 2022.

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Ljstewart 3 days ago
Put honeymooners on metv and take off hogansheroes
TheDavBow3 7 days ago
Fun quiz! You guys are too smart!!
LoveMETV22 7 days ago
Does the Colonel think they're Aliens?
lynngdance 7 days ago
Connecting the Dots
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texasluva lynngdance 2 days ago
!!Wanted!! but preferred Alive
Those that wish to participate in the Weekly Movie Quiz.
Conversation as to what this movie might be
Winners name in MeTV Lights
Just plain ole fun
Let's Do it at: Who did it: Bugs Bunny or Jerry Mouse?
Friday @ 10:00 P.M CT
The Show Must Go On-Another knock down quizorama and entertainment.
One of our Bonus Movies will be: Bye-Bye Birdie.
Are you still gonna make MPH wait 2 minutes before she can answer? 😂🤣
🤔 I was hoping for 👉 3 minutes 🤨😏
Well she still won but it took almost half hour to get it. I had em snookered for a bit
Moriyah 7 days ago
Where's lynngdance? She said she was gonna do one of her quizzes here.
lynngdance Moriyah 7 days ago
Sorry, I got a phone call right when I was about to post it, sorry 😬 but I posted it just now! 🙂
tootsieg 9 days ago
Thank you for the MTM video. Nice way to start the day.
007 9 days ago
i never did like mary, too liberal progressive demorat.
JHP 007 9 days ago
yeah and her fav pres was Lincoln - there you go you turd
DavidMoorman 007 9 days ago
That kind of thinking limits your viewing options to Scott Baio and Kevin Sorbo, and your musical choices to Kid Rock and Ted Nugent. If you'd bothered to Google her, you would've seen her political views were actually much more center right than liberal.
harlow1313 007 9 days ago
Sadly, double naught, grammar is not one of your strengths.
JHP DavidMoorman 8 days ago
didnt Ted Nugent have a concert with Nelson Mandela? (snicker snicker)
JHP harlow1313 8 days ago
I think demorat was intentional - like REPUGNAcaN
harlow1313 JHP 8 days ago
I suppose so. That adds to this sad person's dimness. Down with tribalism. Down with childish attempts to insult.
JHP harlow1313 8 days ago
you bet:) have a happy friday
Andybandit 10 days ago
Mary Tyler Moore was a great actress. I really liked The Mary Tyler Moore show. The Dick Van Dyke show was okay, but not my one of my favorites.
JHP Andybandit 8 days ago
her char was self centered - fotee fotee and a few shenee (spelling is off of course)
I love her on The Dick Van Dyke Show as long as she doesn’t sing or dance.
ncadams27 10 days ago
What network - OTA, cable, streaming, etc.?
LoveMETV22 ncadams27 10 days ago
Along with no specific date has been announced ,add no specific details as to how (network, OTA, cable, streaming) just that it will be a world wide release. Maybe they will release additional information closer to 2022?
WordsmithWorks 10 days ago
I'm definitely looking forward to this docuMentARY. She had a great career and left behind a rich legacy, both on-screen and off.
stephaniestavr5 10 days ago
In the fall/winter of '79/'80, I remember seeing the movie being filmed. I don't remember which scenes, but do remember seeing the cast and crew including Mary. There of course were a lot of gawkers wanting to catch a glimpse. I saw them both in Lake Forest, (which is where I went to HS is located,) and Highland Park, which was one of the towns next to Deerfield where I lived. Needless to say these towns and Chicago were a buzz with the folks from Hollywood there! It's been so long ago since I've thought about this, my memory is fuzzy. I seem to remember the streets being blocked off someplace, though. Maybe someone with a better memory and who took pictures will have a better recollection. Being a sexagenarian is tough!
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I'm guessing that WordsmithWorks meant sexygenarian.
Interesting story. The Untold Story of Ordinary People. some cool pictures as well.
Was it Ordinary People?
JHP ETristanBooth 9 days ago
I guess to me she really wasnt that sexy - now Rhoda? Yummo
LoveMETV22 10 days ago
MTM Enterprises also brought us other shows like The White Shadow, St Elsewhere and a long list of others. Also Mimsie the Cat in the closing credits.🐈😺
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Couldn't help thinking of Monty Python "Confuse-a-Cat " skit. With the conversation of cats.
"There's no claws in her contact?!?!" You let the cat out of the bag by revealing this secret. Whenever Mimsie made contact with anyone she had no claws. What did she use in their place? Cat-O-Nine-Tails?!?!
geatornez82 justjeff 4 days ago
(please don't take offence. I always do that when it comes to bad puns. It means I love it. Seriously, I love puns and groaners, and yours are just purr-fect!)
justjeff geatornez82 4 days ago
When it comes to feline puns, I'm the Cat's Meow!
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