Can you put these sitcoms in chronological order?

It's as easy as 1-2-3-4… if you know TV history!

Think you know television across time?

Well, then, put those trivia skills to the test! We have put together groups of sitcoms. Currently, they are in alphabetical order. See if you can arrange them in chronological order!

To be clear, we're going by the year in which they premiered! Good luck!

Can you put these sitcoms in chronological order?

Your Result...

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GaryWalden 4 days ago
No. 6 is wrong....should be 1,2,3,4.
JohnAustin779 13 days ago
I got 11 out of 11 on this. Good job on this quiz, MeTV👍!
MrBill 14 days ago
11/11; fun quiz - enjoyed the challenge
Lillyrose 14 days ago
Speaking of Hazel, Silver Spoons, The Monkees, and Our Miss Brooks, please air them on MeTV!
CarolKelley Lillyrose 13 days ago
Hazel airs on Antenna TV every morning at 11 Eastern, Our Miss Brooks also aired on Antenna several years ago and I think The Monkees has as well. Antenna TV seems to be oriented towards comedies.
I rotate between watching MeTV and Antenna TV. Hazel is still on it. The Monkees are gone. They've been gone for a few years now. Our Miss Brooks is on the Decades TV channel. It comes on 4 am eastern time. You're right too about Antenna TV being more geared towards comedies. Since MeTV first came on here in Connecticut last October that's all I mainly watch now. They have such a wider variety of shows. I just love it! MeTV is my favorite station 🖖.
Bubba77511 CarolKelley 10 days ago
I think i most recently saw miss nrooks on decades VERY late at night with abbott and costello
robert Lillyrose 8 days ago
Hazel is on FETV 10 AM
Imperial 14 days ago
oops sorry about #6. I misread it as Hogans Hero’s not Hogan Family . It was a show originally called Valerie starring Valerie Harper it was changed to Hogan Family when Valerie Harper was removed from the show.
Imperial 14 days ago
#6 Should be Addams Family 1964, Hogans Heroes 1965, The Brady Bunch 1969, Mamas Family 1983.
Imperial 14 days ago
MeTV got #6 wrong. Hogans Heroes was 1965. Mamas Family was 1983
TSeym22 15 days ago
You got 10 out of 11
You got the questions right time and time again! Nice work!

Missed #6. Never heard of The Hogan Family.
Supercat58 15 days ago
7 of 11. Most were between two obvious wrong choices and two as toss-ups. Just like a lot of multiple choice I remember in school. Ha!
cwboyfan56 15 days ago
10/11 I don’t even remember Guestward Ho.
Smallflower 15 days ago
9 out of 11. Not bad for not knowing some of those shows.
frenchman71 16 days ago
9 for 11. A lot of the sitcoms from the 80s & 90s I didn't watch so it was guess on them. But what I did is put them in order before looking at the choices. I'm great on stuff from the 50s, 60s, & 70s. But not so good on 80s & 90s. This quiz was the most fun MeTV has ever had.
TheDavBow3 frenchman71 14 days ago
I'm that way too
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