Can you complete the names of these TV shows given only the first and last word?

Try to fill in the middle of these TV titles!

How well do you know classic TV? Do you know the exact wording of each show’s title? Now is your chance to put that knowledge to the test!

This quiz centers around completing TV show names. There’s a right and wrong answer for each one, no middle ground. As far as this quiz is concerned, it’s what’s inside that counts. Getting to the core of it (okay, that last pun is a pit of a stretch), try to complete these titles knowing only the first and last word!

  1. The _______ Bunch
  2. The _______ Hillbillies
  3. I _______ Lucy
  4. Leave _______ Beaver
  5. Saved _______ Bell
  6. I _______ Jeannie
  7. The _______ Valley
  8. My _______ Sons
  9. The _______ Boat
  10. Have _______ Travel
  11. My _______ Martian
  12. In _______ Night
  13. Wanted _______ Alive
  14. Voyage _______ Sea
  15. Buck _______ Century
  16. One _______ Time
  17. The _______ Gillis
  18. How _______ Won
  19. Please _______ Daisies
  20. The Harlem _______ Machine

Can you complete the names of these TV shows given only the first and last word?

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pjones4023 4 hours ago
19/20, missed the Globetrotters. I think MeTV put that in there to keep us from acing it.
Luvmypups 1 day ago
19/20 That last title (Harlem Globetrotters)
got me!😒
andyp777 2 days ago
The Globetrotters seem to have gotten most people, including me - 19/20. Rest in peace, Curly!
gb9535 6 days ago
You got 19 out of 20

Did you know what went in the middle?

Missed the last one 😩
denny 8 days ago
Globetrotters got me as well.
JL1965 8 days ago
19/20 anyone ever hear of the last one ???
Geronimo JL1965 8 days ago
Yes, I used to watched that show when I was younger
trogg888 JL1965 3 days ago
i never heard of it and i watched a lot of tv
LynCarceo 9 days ago
Missed the last one; never heard of it.
Vee 9 days ago
Damn - I missed the last one 19/20
TheDavBow3 9 days ago
Excessively easy!!! Until the last one which I missed 😔. Never saw that one.
jimmyvici 10 days ago
19/20...missed the very last one!!!!! Ugh!
Filmnoirfan 10 days ago
19/20 - like many others fooled by the Globetrotters who always put on a good show, unless, of course you were rooting for the Washington Generals
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