Can you beat this TV character spelling bee?

Spell it out for your friends just how big a TV fan you really are.

Classic TV characters, we know their faces by heart, but how well do we really know their names?

Today's spelling bee puts TV fans to the test by asking you to step up and choose the right spelling of starring cast members.

Only the truest TV fans can spell them all and emerge as champs. Good luck!
  1. This good-natured fella went on to star in his own spin-off after appearing on The Andy Griffith Show, but people still confuse his name spelling. Which spelling is correct?
  2. Most of us remember this guy as the Fonz, probably because his full name is a mouthful. Which spelling is correct?
  3. On M*A*S*H, when this guy showed up, Hawkeye found his new best friend. Which spelling of his name is correct?
  4. We must've just boarded The Love Boat, because here's its captain. Which spelling of the captain's name is correct?
  5. Between this Facts of Life character, Tootie, Blair and Natalie, Jo definitely has the longest, hardest to pronounce last name. Which spelling is correct?
  6. Both of this Bewitched star's names are commonly spelled other ways. Which spelling is correct?
  7. She lived across the street from the Harpers on Mama's Family, but you may not have caught her name on the mailbox passing by. Which spelling is correct?
  8. He's the longtime newsman on WKRP in Cincinnati, but it's not like they spell names out on the radio. Which spelling is correct?
  9. You'd be forgiven for misspelling the first, last or both names of this Charlie's Angels star. Which spelling is correct?
  10. We salute you if you can spell this soldier's name from Hogan's Heroes. Which spelling is correct?

Can you beat this TV character spelling bee?

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EllisClevenger 16 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Congratulations! You're today's TV spelling bee champ!
DouglasMorris 30 months ago
6/10! missed #5, #6, #7 and #8.
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