Can you guess the names of these handy As Seen on TV products of the past?

Remember these gizmos from Ronco, K-Tel and beyond?


Image: Ronco / YouTube

You have to hand it to Ron Popiel. The inventor and television marketing pioneer has come up with all kinds of unforgettable products over the years. 

After forming Ronco in 1964, Popiel began selling gizmos like the Veg-O-Matic, the Smokeless Ashtray and GLH-9 (hair in a can). Meanwhile, the similarly minded K-Tel, which often bought and marketed inventions from Popiel when not hawking music compilations, followed Ronco step-for-step with doodads and thingamajigs. Other celebrities and companies followed suit with their 1-800 ordering numbers.

"Call now! – As seen on TV!" these products declared. We've gathered some of our favorites from the '70s, '80s and '90s.

Honestly, a lot of them could still come in handy at home. Try to guess their names!

  1. Suzanne Somers brought the gym to the sofa as the spokesperson for this iconic device.
  2. What is this thing?
     Image: Ronco
  3. These groovy people are all using a Ronco device that put your voice on a FM radio.
     Image: Ronco
  4. This thing really sucks — in a good way.
  5. What is this thing and what is it doing to eggs?
     Image: Ronco
  6. You could use this — and use it on your dog. (Probably not the same one, though.)
     Image: Ronco
  7. What is this thing?
     Image: Ronco
  8. What is this memorable doohickey?
     Image: K-Tel
  9. How about this handheld device?
     Image: Ronco
  10. Wait… what is happening here? What is this?
     Image: Ronco
  11. This mop made cleaning easier.
     Image: Ronco
  12. Finally, what is this contraption?
     Image: K-Tel

Can you guess the names of these handy As Seen on TV products of the past?

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CaroleThorpe 6 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
It's just that easy!
Amalthea 6 months ago
I had a (generic) Mr. Microphone, the Record Vacuum, and the Buttoneer (actually, that was Mom's).
AndreaZ 19 months ago
6 out of 12. I remember most of these, but not their name. The Buttoneer seemed like a pretty effective device. But how often do you really need to sew a button? Plus most cleaners will sew a loose button for free or nominal cost. Seems like something you'd use once every few years.
Amalthea AndreaZ 6 months ago
My mom had 7 kids...and a Buttoneer. Believe me when I say that thing paid for itself, especially since we kids could use it easily. (That said, I now hand-sew buttons & my husband says that when I sew a button, that puppy STAYS sewn!)
idkwut2use 36 months ago
Dang, only 5. Ah well. My dad and brother love their Flowbee, and I like my off-brand Thighmaster. ^~
DerekBird 36 months ago
You got 8 out of 12
It's just that easy!
HopeDuchaine 36 months ago
9/12. Some of these I have never seen before on the East Coast.
DerekBird HopeDuchaine 36 months ago
Same here growing up in Montreal.
Pauly_789 36 months ago
9/12, The last 3 tripped me up!
RedSamRackham 36 months ago
* Chicago Mayor Dick Daley spoke of cleaning up Chicago river so businessmen could fish on their lunch hour. If he had succeeded that might’ve sold a lot of Pocket Fishermen! ☺
kimmer 47 months ago
9/12....gosh I remember a lot of those!
pjones4023 48 months ago
7/12, Thighmaster...hands down best commercial ever filmed!
kkvegas 49 months ago
The Multi-Exerciser was the thing that got Bob and Emily (The Bob Newhart Show) trapped in the storage locker in the Caged Fury episode.
Jeffrey 49 months ago
''You got 7 out of 12'' Which is more than half of them. ------------- Looks like you got a little tangled up on this one.
JewelsChuck Jeffrey 49 months ago
That’s what I got too... lol
Angela 49 months ago
"Cordless electric"? I'm still trying to figure that out.
Jeffrey Angela 49 months ago
It's battery operated. That's what it means.
JewelsChuck Angela 49 months ago
I never noticed that...😂
JDnHuntsvilleAL 49 months ago
I have and still use a Flowbee. Bet there are some of you are going to look into getting one yourself now, aren't you?
Vee JDnHuntsvilleAL 49 months ago
You should sell it to the highest bidder - LOL
BobD JDnHuntsvilleAL 49 months ago
People ARE selling them on Ebay! $300 and up!
Most people probably don’t have a vacuum that can be used for it. 🙄
JDnHuntsvilleAL Vee 49 months ago
I'm still using it.
You can buy THEIR vacuum.
Patricia 49 months ago
I got 9 out of 10. Last 3 don’t remember. I have the record vacuum.
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