Can you answer the most missed MeTV quiz questions of 2020?

Mr. Quizzer knows the answers! Do you?


Hello, America! Mr. Quizzer here, the game show host who knows the most! I'm more jazzed than a Kenny G solo to be a part of Toon In With Me on MeTV! Look for me with my pals Bill the Cartoon Curator and Toony the Tuna each weekday morning starting January 4.

For decades, I have been hosting quiz challenges. You may remember me from Name That Tongue! — the show in which we would show contestants a tongue and have them guess the celebrity. No? Well, it only aired once. In Europe. Turns out, everyone just said, "Gene Simmons."

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes! Trivia! 

The following questions sure did stump most fans over the past year. Of course, I knew all the answers. Let's see how many you can answer! If you can answer seven or more, you win!

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  1. The Honeymooners made their debut in 1951 as a sketch on this DuMont network series hosted by Jackie Gleason.
  2. Gunsmoke and/or Green Acres — Which show was adapted from an earlier radio version?
  3. Can you tell the difference between Johnny Crawford and Ronny Howard? Who starred in the 1965 movie 'Village of the Giants' — as seen on Svengoolie?
  4. "Touch screen" — Was this word added to the dictionary in the '70s, '80s, or '90s?
  5. Can you complete this catchy commercial jingle from the '80s? "Take a _________! Pull it out! The taste is gonna move ya when you pop it in your mouth! Juicy Fruit is gonna move ya!"
  6. How well do you know The Rifleman's opening title sequence? At the very end, Lucas walks past a sign on a building that says what?
  7. You had to live through the 1970s to remember this ad slogan. Which fast food chain claimed, "We're the fresh food place."
  8. Can you tell the difference between Ron Howard and his father, Rance? Whose first acting job was in the 1956 film 'Frontier Woman'?
  9. What is the number on the bus parked behind Sheriff Andy and Karen Moore during their skeet shooting contest in The Andy Griffith Show episode "The Perfect Female"?
  10. How well do you know Leonard Nimoy? In the 1970s, when he was in his 40s, the Spock actor returned to school and received a Master's Degree from this university.

Can you answer the most missed MeTV quiz questions of 2020?

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ScoobyDoo169 35 months ago
I got 3/10. I remembered the right answers to a couple of them after I had gotten them wrong in their specific quizzes.😁
JC 37 months ago
You got 1 out of 10
Oooo… sorry. Looks like the circle does not get the square. Better luck next time!
Mike 39 months ago
10/10 I guessed many times it seems.
Mukusthebadd1 40 months ago
For some reason, I thought there were supposed to be photos, only because of the way the survey was worded.
JewelsChuck 40 months ago
2/10...I didn’t even try because I’m so sleepy 😴
Mob39 40 months ago
You got 10 out of 10 I guessed most
Tomeaton 40 months ago
You know I thought there's cartoons on Sunday on this channel I guess not
Mirramanee Tomeaton 40 months ago
They are on Saturday morning, not Sunday.
stovalll 40 months ago
I paid more attention to how many shots The Rifleman pulled off then what he was walking past in the intro. So glad to see all the good "old cartoons" back on Saturday mornings. I don't know why they ever went away! I was excited for over a month over this!!
amosdark 41 months ago
4out of 10 guessed on many never paid attention to rifleman opening... didn’t know there was a bus behind Andy...will have to pay attention next time it’s on...
kimmer 41 months ago
7/10..... I feel pretty oh so pretty..... I feel pretty and witty and .......lalalalalala
Mob39 41 months ago
You got 10 out of 10

Winner, winner! You get a thousand points!
GregLemieux 41 months ago
7/10. Lots better than I did on the 2019 version.
LindaPurkey21 41 months ago
More Westerns Comedies variety shows and cartoons!Thanks
jimmyvici 41 months ago
Only 2 correct. I guess I’ll crawl back under my rock. 😬
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