Can you remember all these running gags from The Addams Family?

Do you know all the kooky quirks of this classic sitcom?


Many sitcoms from the 1960s had running gags that carried over from episode to episode and The Addams Family was no exception. But because the marvelously macabre household was so different from the idea of the typical American family, the gags were hilariously bizarre.

Can you complete all these gags, jokes and recurring bits seen in The Addams Family?

  1. Whenever someone stepped on the polar bear rug...
  2. While playing with his model trains, Gomez liked to…
  3. Every time someone rang for Lurch…
  4. Gomez had a habit of doing things like reading the newspaper or playing cards…
  5. Every time someone walked up to the front gate...
  6. Uncle Fester had the unique skill of…
  7. Morticia’s carnivorous plant, Cleopatra, was known to affectionately…
  8. The Addams’ door “bell” was really a door…
  9. Gomez kept the time by…
  10. Morticia displayed her roses…
  11. When Lurch would take a guest’s hat, he would often…
  12. Morticia had the power to…

Can you remember all these running gags from The Addams Family?

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James9 19 months ago
12/12. I love "The Addams Family."
RedSamRackham 19 months ago
* I remember those gag lightbulbs that could light up in your hand or mouth sold in novelty shops before we saw Fester with one on TV!
PulsarStargrave 27 months ago
I cry "FOUL" on Cleopatra "strangling" people! "Strangle" means she KILLED people! No one died, she HUGGED people!
musicman37 35 months ago
12 out of 12. I've been watching since the show premiered in 1964.
djw1120 35 months ago
A perfect score!
Which makes sense because I watch it every day.
vinman63 35 months ago
Uncle Fester light bulb in the mouth.
JohnAustin779 36 months ago
12 for 12. Fun quiz, MeTV! Thanks👍!
Resamh25 36 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
You knew watt answers were the right ones on this quiz and it was electrifying. Great job!
John 36 months ago
10/12. Forgot the bear rug gag and I could've sworn Cleopatra purred in at least one episode.
AlbertHanson 36 months ago
12/12. I loved this show as a kid.
BigMeTVfan65 36 months ago
This was fun....and, 'My' score was the same as 'einnoB' 's.
P.s. ~ It feels good to be back with MeTV after all of these years !!!
jtrain 36 months ago
10/12 got #5 and #11 wrong.
scp 36 months ago
11 out of 12. Missed the one with Cleopatra
retro6 36 months ago
9/12 wasn’t my favorite show and haven’t seen in a long time. Preferred the Munsters so I didn’t think I would do that well. But I recalled most of the gags as I read each clue! 🥴
Marshall_Kolchak 36 months ago
10/12 guess i did know a thing or two after all!
Wendy57 36 months ago
I loved all of the dance scenes on the Addams Family !
All of their Crazy & Kooky relatives too.
Very unique inventive show !!!!!
They certainly don’t make them like that anymore.
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