Can you ace this true or false quiz about the Andy Griffith episode ''Andy and Barney in the Big City''?

True fans can spot the falsities in this quiz!

The season-two episode of The Andy Griffith Show "Andy and Barney in the Big City" follows the title characters as they leave Mayberry in order to get better equipment for the department. Barney can't help himself but get involved in stopping a local criminal to hilarious results.

How well do you know this episode?

See if you can answer all 12 of these true or false questions correctly!

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  1. This is the first episode that takes place outside Mayberry.
  2. Aunt Bea packs a jar of strawberry jam in Andy’s suitcase.
  3. Before he and Andy leave, Barney notices Opie recently lost a tooth.
  4. Barney loves being out of his deputy uniform.
  5. Aunt Bea tells Andy and Barney to knock three times on the door frame “so all will go well.”
  6. The city they travel to is Durham, North Carolina.
  7. The city skyline seen in stock footage in the episode is actually Seattle, Washington.
  8. Andy sees that hotel rooms cost $7 and is surprised by how cheap they are.
  9. Barney feels right at home in the city.
  10. The hotel clerk thinks Barney is a doctor because he signs his name “Barney Fife, MD”
  11. At a fancy restaurant, Andy and Barney try to speak French to the waiter but fail miserably.
  12. The hotel detective is played by Allan Melvin who appeared in seven other episodes.

Can you ace this true or false quiz about the Andy Griffith episode ''Andy and Barney in the Big City''?

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Sunflower48 4 months ago
I love the Andy Griffith Show. No matter how many times I see it I never get tired of it. Thank you Metv for such wonderful programming.
CRTRAVIS 5 months ago
12 for 12 another great episode from a great show
dashingknight 5 months ago
10 out of 12,i whatched yesterday
HerbShanafelt 5 months ago
My WIFE , BECKY & I watch the ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW ....Every Evening !! This form of Hold one Entertainment was when the T.V.Shows made sense& life was Proper having a Good take on things !!
DavidBarker 5 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
Smile, you did great on that quiz!
Missed the Strawberry Jam one
DanGoodwin 5 months ago
Come on people, her name is Aunt BEE, not Bea! Pretty bad when you get the easiest of all TAGS trivia incorrect!
Angela 6 months ago
I don't know any of these, but it seems like MeTV is the "Andy Griffith Channel".
Jeffrey 6 months ago
I'd like to know if the hotel Dick (alan melvin - another great low part tv actor) was aware of Barneys Judo learning already (dont have the eps in time listing) - if he was Barney shouldnt have been afraid of him:)
David 6 months ago
11 was a trick question should have focused on one of the characters. Andy was still a part of the scene.
MarthaWashington David 6 months ago
The idea was Barney, tries to be a big shot and orders off the menu apparently written in French. While Andy, who can't read French either, just asks for what he wants (steak, baked potato and green beans) while Barney points to items on the menu and the waiter replies in English.....Snails and Brains...
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