Can we guess your age based on your taste in snacks?

Taste buds don't lie.

If there's one thing we excel at as a people, it's snacking. The grocery store is filled with dozens of varieties of chips, crackers, cookies and cereal.

Of course, over the years, flavors and brands come and go. We're betting you are most nostalgic for the salty, sweet snacks of your youth.

So, let's see if we can guess how old you are based on the following food questions. Some people read fortunes in tea leaves. We'll use crumbs.
  1. Pick a Little Debbie snack.
  2. You can bring one bygone cereal back from the dead. Which one do you want to revive?
  3. Pick something pizza flavored.
  4. Okay, now pick a vintage flavor of Doritos.
  5. You need a sugar rush. What do you reach for to satisfy that sweet tooth?
  6. We can't talk about snacks without talking about potatoes. Pick a potato snack.
  7. You can bring back one flavor Girl Scout cookies. Which is it?
  8. A friend travels abroad and brings back a bunch of potato chips. You can not read the labels at all. Pick a bag to eat based on color alone.
  9. Pick a mascot.
Can we guess your age based on your taste in snacks?

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