Build a pizza and we'll tell you which M*A*S*H character you're sharing it with

Get ready to eat up!


The only thing better than eating a slice of pizza is eating a slice of pizza with a friend. In this quiz, we're combining your love of television with your love of pizza to create the ultimate wish-fulfillment quiz.

You build your own pizza, and we'll give you a M*A*S*H character to chow down with!

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  1. First off, any particular style pizza you're interested in cooking up?
  2. Let's build from the bottom up. What crust are you looking for?
  3. What sauce are you adding to your pizza?
  4. Let's be honest, the main star of a pizza is the cheese. What kind are you going for?
  5. And how cheesy do you want this pizza?
  6. Now we can move onto toppings. Any veggies?
  7. Any meats?
  8. We're about ready to pop this bad boy in the oven. How long should we cook this pizza?
  9. Wow, this pizza looks great! Any extra additions?
  10. How many slices are you taking?

Build a pizza and we'll tell you which M*A*S*H character you're sharing it with

Your Result...

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Adamtwelvia 21 days ago
Sigh...Hawkeye. Why couldn't it be Klinger?
STTOS 4 months ago
You're sharing a slice with Klinger - Wild and unpredictable, we'd love to share a slice with you two! I hope he wears his red evening gown, it will be my first date in months. :)
Moverfan STTOS 4 months ago
It doesn't matter what he wears--he always looks lovely. Have you seen his Gone With The Wind collection? Just gorgeous!
Randall 5 months ago
I grew up with Greek pizza, LOVE black olives, onions and Feta Cheese ( don't knock it till you try it!!) A Pepper chini on the side for good measure!
AnnieM 5 months ago
Chicago deep dish, red sauce, spinach, sausage, extra cheese, 2-3 slices...I got Radar. 🤷‍♀️
JimmyAngel 5 months ago
Hawkeye. Maybe the early funny Hawkeye I wouldn’t mind at all. But the later preachy version I’d pass
JimmyAngel JimmyAngel 5 months ago
And by the way there’s no New Haven style option. ☹️
Adamtwelvia JimmyAngel 4 months ago
Agreed! Wisecracking Hawkeye I'll take. But if he tries to preach to me the whole pie goes up his nose!
RobertK 5 months ago
Margaret Houlihan! I wouldn't mind that at all. I wasn't the least bit hungry, so I kept things light. I chose one slice at the last question. That must have done it!
wanderer2575 RobertK 5 months ago
Hmmm... I've got extra cheese, meat and veggies, and I'm eating the whole thing, and I too am sharing with Hot Lips.
327053 5 months ago
Hawkeye??? I’d rather share with Hotlips! 👄
Wendy57 5 months ago
I’m sharing a classic slice with Hawkeye.
Sounds fun and delicious ! 🍕🍷
Bret 5 months ago
You're sharing a slice with Hawkeye
Moverfan Bret 4 months ago
I said I was eating the whole thing by myself and got "You're sharing a slice with Hawkeye".
Unless he brings his own, no, I'm not...
Bob 5 months ago
Hawkeye, like just about everyone else. Not a very good quiz considering I was only allowed one option for meat and one option for veggie.
Adamtwelvia 5 months ago
Hawkeye?! No thank you, I'd rather share it with Klinger!
Lillyrose 5 months ago
You're sharing a slice with Hawkeye.
hrcopter 5 months ago
Thin crust, red sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, and sausage. Hawkeye.
Adamtwelvia hrcopter 5 months ago
I chose all that too, but thick crust for me!
JERRY6 5 months ago
share with Hawheye ? better than BJ
Adamtwelvia JERRY6 5 months ago
I would have rather had BJ!
MikefromJersey 5 months ago
"You're sharing a slice with Hawkeye. You like the classics for a reason, but you're not afraid
to go off-track and spice things up every now and again!"

I always thought it odd that for a comedy like MASH, there were no in jokes. Like on Streets of
San Francisco, a character used Karl Malden's real name. Or Rob Petrie appearing on Diagnosis:
Murder. Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton meeting the stars Jackie Gleason & Art Carney and
debating which was the funnier one, in one of the "lost" Honeymooners episodes on the
Catchy network. Or the Flintstones episode with paintings of naked women on the walls,
I could never figure out how no one noticed till VCRs came along, as me and my buddies
spotted them when we were 8 or 9.
Moverfan MikefromJersey 4 months ago
Or they had in-jokes that were so in that nobody else got 'em...
MikefromJersey Moverfan 4 months ago
That's true, some writers would put in stuff that was just for themselves.
You and me, were we writing for a series might do the same,like putting in the names
of our pals growing up.
If you check out the Wanted posters in Westerns, they sometimes would have the names of
the behind the scenes talent on the series.
Or the names of people from competing series.
On a Bonanza episode there was a wanted poster for Hondo Lane. A reference to the then
(1967) "Hondo" TV series, based on the 1953 Duke Wayne movie.
And of course there was the all time, unequaled ever, "in joke" in Citizen Kane, as to the
true meaning of "Rosebud", and it had nothing to do with a sled.
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