Aunt Bee had a few romances, can you guess who we're describing?

Everyone loved Aunt Bee, especially the men in Mayberry.

Aunt Bee was the best Aunt and cook in town, and many of the male residents found themselves interested in her throughout the seasons. Often, these were simply flirty situations or, in one case, Aunt Bee's pretend boyfriend. In one situation, she even pretends to be interested.

We want to know if you remember the names of the men involved in the short-lived romances. We're describing the guy, and you're guessing who it is.

Good luck!

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  1. This man is a handyman who uses Aunt Bee for free meals and shelter at Andy's home.
  2. This man is a dry cleaner who is interested in Aunt Bee, and she pretends to like him and almost ends up married.
  3. This man became obsessed with Aunt Bee and even kidnapped her!
  4. This man is an old friend of Aunt Bee who threatens to marry her if Andy doesn't pay him to leave their house.
  5. Aunt Bee pretends to date this man who sells eggs and butter.
  6. This man is a retired congressman who dates Aunt Bee until he grows tired of their relationship.
  7. This man is a visitor in Mayberry who Aunt Bee thought would think less of her if he found out she wore a wig.
  8. This man is a widower and becomes obsessed with Aunt Bee because she resembles his wife.

Aunt Bee had a few romances, can you guess who we're describing?

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STTOS 1 month ago
You got 8 out of 8 - Whether you passed or failed, who did you like Aunt Bee with? Wow!! I am a big TAGS fan and didn't realize the Aunt Bee was such a heartbreaker!!
NinaLove123 1 month ago
7/8 I enjoyed Aunt Bee with Jonn Canfield.
I have GOT to read the comments slower--I thought your comment said Joan Caulfield--lol
Wenatchee7 1 month ago
8/8 did anyone else find Aunt Bee dating episodes awful?
JHP Wenatchee7 19 days ago
and almost every time clara - NO ears Johnson was pushing her to scoot
Guinness 1 month ago
7/8 I don't recall a Hubert St John. Oh well.
Wenatchee7 Guinness 1 month ago
I didn't either but I knew it wasn't the other 2 choices.
JHP Guinness 19 days ago
I think he was some sort of politician
Greek1 1 month ago
3/8. 🙄
Coldnorth Greek1 20 days ago
How about a collective sigh. I have the same score as you
Mercer4life49 1 month ago
8/8 Aunt Bee with her Sweet and Prissy self. Gotta love her. ♥️
Rodney14 1 month ago
Mr. Goss was my favorite. A cleaner who was the ultimate slob!
Stoney 1 month ago
8 for 8. The Fred Goss character always stuck out in my mind because I had an uncle who looked just like him.
braycy 1 month ago
6/8 thought it was funny how they threw Otis Campbell in the mix! Loved the episode when he had to stay at Andy's house, Aunt B put him to work! He called her Bloody Mary! Later called their house 'the rock' great episode!
JHP braycy 19 days ago
"oh what a mess I made in my life"
JHP 1 month ago
8/8 ez peasy - NOW! #5 that episode got me so angry at BEE-atch. Her chicken feces story screwed a innocent vendor out $$$. Hendricks should have come back and dumped 2 doz eggs on her noggin
Coldnorth JHP 20 days ago
I don’t remember that
JHP Coldnorth 19 days ago
yeah his name was Orville Hendricks - and she told andy that she and him were "friendly" - so BARN did his columbo thing and well...
Coldnorth JHP 19 days ago
Thanks for the info
Coldnorth 19 days ago
This comment has been removed.
obectionoverruled 1 month ago
2 of 8. Aunt Bee was never the focus of the viewer’s attention. Sorry folks, but as the episodes and years wore on, it became painfully obvious that this should have been the Barney Fife Show. His comedic situations, facial expressions, marching orders to the deputized Mayberrians and tickets to the governor’s chauffeur were classic standup and unique to his talents - no one else could have played this part - - no one!
LoL, WTF... you ain't right...
MyLoveIainGlen 1 month ago
Eight out of Eight, I love the series and Aunt Bee is my favorite!
Andy Griffith treated her and Thelma Lou terribly. TL reported she was only paid $50 per appearance and she wasn’t in more than half the episodes. Andy was having an affair with helen Crump in real
Life, while both of them were married to others.
JHP obectionoverruled 1 month ago
Bee-atch was thee Queen of double talk - church goer and then snipe at some organ player plus others
wrs44145 1 month ago
8/8; easy one for me - I am a big fan of TAGS.
JeffPaul76 1 month ago
"You got 3 out of 8. ------Whether you passed or failed, who did you like Aunt Bee with? I'd say, even though they were never together, & he was married, Otis Campbell.
DZee 1 month ago
Aunt Bee was quite the......
JHP DZee 1 month ago
CALL THE MAN! :) Never knew anyone that could fix a mouse-trap freezer with a mop-swat
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