Are you the master of 1970s opening credits?

Find the ONE show NOT in this essential Seventies composite image.

Some of the most iconic TV shows of all time debuted in the 1970s, with memorable opening sequences that stand out to true fans of the era.

Think that's you? Scan the composite image below and see if you can figure out the ONE show that is NOT pictured here. Good luck!
  1. Search these scenes from 1970s opening credits and find the ONE show that does NOT appear:

Are you the master of 1970s opening credits?

Your Result...

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Craigg 49 months ago
You found The Bob Newhart Show!
Bob Newhart is impressed you didn't even have to phone a friend! His is the only hit 1970s show listed with opening credits not pictured here.
Runeshaper 56 months ago
That 1 threw me for a loop LOL
KatHat 61 months ago
says I found it - that was the only pic that wasn't in there, but wasn't that show in the 70's? question totally confused me
Lacey KatHat 61 months ago
Yes, but the quiz was to find the show that was NOT featured in all of these 70s shows. All the ones listed were 70s shows.
bradyguy Lacey 19 months ago were supposed to find the NAME of the show whose Opening Credits scene was NOT shown. It WAS poorly worded...
Lucyneenah19701 61 months ago
I found The Bob Newhart Show! I love the opening credits of The Bob Newhart Show!
bradyguy Lucyneenah19701 19 months ago
Love me some "Home to Emily"...classic theme.
teire 61 months ago
Got it first try. Lucky for me the one shot I did not recognize was definitely not from the Bob Newhart Show.
cperrynaples 61 months ago
Got it in 30 seconds! And really,shouldn't you have said you DIDN'T find Bob Newhart? There are 3 versions: One with the phone, one with the sign on the door, and the reverse version that starts at home and ends at the office!
I don't get it. How did you figure it out? How did you determine which show it was.? When I saw the shots of The Odd Couple, and WKRP I remembered having seen them in an another quiz. Was going to use it to help me out, but couldn't remember which quiz it was. Kudos to you figuring it out, because I sure couldn't.
To be honest I didn't read them all and picked Charlie's Angels. I don't remember the opening.
cperrynaples MrsPhilHarris 61 months ago
That was Bosley's profile! From top to bottom, they are: MASH, MTM, HD, Jeffersons, Six Million, L&S. Angels, GT, 3C, OC, Taxi and WKRP!
MEM1964 61 months ago
The Bob Newhart Show (TV Series 1972–1978)
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