Are you Carol Brady’s biggest fan?

Celebrate one of TV's most expressive moms.

Florence Henderson took such a singular approach to playing Carol Brady that The Brady Bunch writers had to bend the character to her sweet portrayal, giving us one of sitcom history's most iconic moms.

For that, we will always be grateful. 

So this Mother's Day, we're celebrating Carol Brady with a look back at some of her biggest episodes. See if you can fill in the details to complete this scrapbook of Carol Brady's most memorable moments. Good luck!

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  1. In the very first episode of The Brady Bunch, Mike and Carol get married. What color is her wedding dress?
  2. In the first Carol-centric episode of The Brady Bunch, “The Voice of Christmas,” what threatens to stop Carol from singing at church on Christmas Day?
  3. What does Mike’s horoscope say that spooks Carol in “Mike’s Horror-scope”?
  4. In “The Grass Is Always Greener,” Mike and Carol switch roles for the day. What fatherly duty does Carol take on?
  5. In “Confessions, Confessions,” Peter accidentally breaks a cherished something that belong to Carol. What is it?
  6. In “Tell It Like It Is,” Carol is secretly writing an article about her family for which magazine?
  7. In “Click,” Carl forbids Greg from playing which sport she deems too dangerous?
  8. In “The Fender Benders,” is Carol found guilty or innocent of causing a minor accident in a supermarket parking lot?
  9. Which daughter talks Carol into performing with her in her school’s variety show?
  10. In “Goodbye, Alice, Hello,” another thing of Carol’s gets broken and when Alice tattles on Greg and Peter, the kids ice her out. What did they break this time?
  11. In the fourth season, Carol has a big costume party to go to, but Cindy accidentally loses which part of her look? (Hint: Detective Peter was on the case.)
  12. In the last Carol-centric episode of The Brady Bunch, Carol reveals big news to Mike in “Welcome Aboard.” What is it?

Are you Carol Brady’s biggest fan?

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elitv9 1 month ago
i retake the quiz and this time 12 out of 12
DerekHarris 12 months ago
That wasn't even a challenge.
KatHat 12 months ago

You got 12 out of 12
We'd say you exceeded Carol's expectations, but Carol knew you'd get a good night's sleep after this quiz.
Never cared for cousin Oliver - he was about as annoying as Danny Partridge *shudder*
Mark 12 months ago
I really love taking these quizzes, playing the games and reading the stories on the MeTV site. But lately it's become too polluted with scumbags who are trying to sell worthless crap and using this platform to try and scam people. it's time for the audience to take a stand and reply to these lowlifes telling them to get off the line. I also ask MeTV to do a better job policing and filtering comments to not allow these scumbags to post their advertisements on the sites. This is not the place for it. Thank you.
KatHat Mark 12 months ago
Agreed, wish there was a "report" or "block" button!
Barry22 12 months ago
11/12, and guessed on a few.
cperrynaples 12 months ago
Not quite a Carol post ,but still Brady-related so I'll put it here! Remember when everyone said Marcia looked spaced out in the Season 5 3T? Check out the first season where Alice's head bobs around like she's drunk! I know it's really a looping error but whenever I see it, I think "Alice took a few too many sips of the cooking wine,didn't she?"...LOL!!!
MrBill 12 months ago
8/12; although I have seen every episode, I have not watched the show in several years and missed a few.
Lucyneenah19701 12 months ago
12 out of 12. I've seen all of The Brady Bunch episodes! I've seen all of The Partridge Family episodes, too. Speaking of The Partridge Family, I wonder when MeTV will air The Partridge Family?
They can't because it's on Antenna TV!
NoahBody Lucyneenah19701 12 months ago
Yeah C’mon METV Get Happy with Partridge Family !!!!
cperrynaples NoahBody 12 months ago
That might make you happy, but not Antenna TV! I assume you both live in markets where ATV isn't available!
Geronimo 12 months ago
Never miss an episode
ETristanBooth 12 months ago
12/12. Not a big Carol Brady fan, but I've seen these episodes a gazillion times.
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