Can you I.D. all these celebrity guest stars on The Invaders?

Sitcom and movie stars invaded this Sixties series.

On The Invaders, it can be difficult to tell aliens from humans, but today, the only mystery we want you to solve is: From where else do you know these famous faces?

Scroll through a dozen celebrity guest stars who appeared on the sci-fi series and see how many you can connect to their more famous roles. Good luck!

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  1. This child star noticed something strange on The Invaders the same year his famous sitcom debuted. Which one is it?
  2. On The Invaders, she was a student, but we're used to seeing her as the girl next door on which Sixties sitcom?
  3. As an overprotective uncle, he tried to boss around The Invaders' David Vincent, but on which sitcom was he actually the boss?
  4. He owns a suspicious manufacturing plant on The Invaders, but we're used to seeing him do the investigating on which crime drama?
  5. On The Invaders, he guest starred as a sergeant, but he's best known for heading a secret government agency on which show?
  6. As a colonel who ends up with something precious to the aliens on The Invaders, this actor perhaps found himself in an even hotter seat than he was used to on which legal drama:
  7. 10 years before this actor was nominated for an Oscar for this famous movie, he appeared on The Invaders as an eccentric newsman:
  8. He showed up as an invader with a briefcase full of spores, but he won an Oscar for which movie?
  9. She twice showed up as an invader but with a heart of gold, which reminds us of how sugar sweet she was on which Seventies sitcom?
  10. On The Invaders, she's traumatized by an alien encounter that ends in a gift, but arguably her role in which movie was even more traumatic?
  11. This actor has a dramatic encounter with aliens on an army base, but at least they didn't take him prisoner like the stars of which comedy famously did?
  12. Even scarier than the needy coworker he played on this sitcom was this actor on The Invaders as an alien Air Force major:

Can you I.D. all these celebrity guest stars on The Invaders?

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Shatner1 26 months ago
12/12! If you hadn't shown the photos it would have been impossible to guess many of these questions because the description given of the characters they played were so off base!! (I'm a BIG Invaders fan!)
Snickers 30 months ago
12/12 One of my favorite sci-fi shows. Never knew if they were human or an invader.
jgarcia09 41 months ago
I Remember this show from when I was a Kid and it was great when I discovered that ME tv was running it, initially a did not mind staying up late until 12am, but now its runs at 5am here, I really don't understand this change in schedule.
Snickers jgarcia09 30 months ago
Love the MeTV Saturday night sci-fi lineup. Star Trek Buck Rodgers Kolchak Lost in Space Voyage to the bottom of the Sea Land of the Giants Time Tunnel and The Invaders man I'm in heaven.
Angela 46 months ago
I don't think I ever watched this show when it aired originally. Caught a couple of eps recently and I quite liked it. Roy Thinnes made a brief appearance on "The Sopranos" as a doctor and he looked really good!
oldbroad52 Angela 13 months ago
Ray Thiness most sexy man on tv! Mostly because he got rid of the bad guys.
RobChapman 48 months ago
Peter Graves was only 41 in that screen cap from The Invaders. He was born in 1926, the episode aired in 1967. His character was supposed to be only 38, as dialogue gives a birth date of 1929. But...he looked way older.
EllisClevenger 49 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
You zapped right through that! Dawn Wells thinks it's pretty chill how many guest star invaders on The Invaders you could name.
Joe 56 months ago
Dawn Wells… HUBBA and yes… HUBBA!!
Invader13 58 months ago
I missed one! Still, I got most of them. It's to see this show on the air!

PeteBianconi 60 months ago
Boy am I glad to see this series on again. I was 5 or so when it first aired, I always remember the invaders would disintegrate when killed. I also remember Aurora made the space ship model. Now the space ship models has been re-released so I bought one. Great show even better that METV brought it back
Snickers PeteBianconi 30 months ago
Love the show and I remember the Invader Model kits. Don't have the model but I do own the lunch box and comics.
Hi Pete,
I had that model too. I used to have it attack my Captain Crunch's vessel model.
11 for 12.
CaptainDunsel 60 months ago
11/12. Missed #10. Didn't recognize Barbara Hershey, and never saw any of the 3 pictures mentioned.

BTW, for those who know but didn't recognize Dabnet Coleman, take note of the vertical crease in his forehead. It's actually quite distinctive, but people don't notice it because of his trademark moustache. (Perhaps that's part of why he grew it?)
SheriHeffner 61 months ago
12 out of 12. I LOVED Suzanne Pleshette. And according to the late actress Patty Duke, she became the second actress that played Annie Sullivan in the Broadway play The Miracle Worker. After Anne Bancroft stopped playing the role Suzanne came aboard according to Anna's (Patty's real name) autobiography, Suzie as she was called could have cursed Helen into the miracle. Anna loved her colorful language she said.
anthony 61 months ago
12/12.Could have called this quiz "Who is this a picture of,and what show were they on"?It had nothing to do with "The Invaders",which I never heard of.
Snickers anthony 30 months ago
What do you mean it had nothing to do with the Invaders? They were all guest stars on the show.
oldbroad52 anthony 13 months ago
Way before you were born, and it was probably not syndicated.
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