Are these TV shows named after characters or not?

Was there someone named “Adam” in Adam-12?


Naming a TV show after the main character is an obvious choice, especially if the name is a pun. While many classic shows did just that, some have titles that sound like names but are actually referring to a place, an occupation or something else entirely!

Try to guess if each of these shows use a character's name in the title or not.

  1. Is 'Adam' a character's name?
  2. Is 'Maverick' a character's name?
  3. Is 'Beverly' a character's name?
  4. Is 'Rawhide' a character's nickname?
  5. Is 'Hogan' a character's name?
  6. Is 'Dragnet' a character's name?
  7. Is 'Cannon' a character's name?
  8. Is 'Hunter' a character's name?
  9. Is Chaparral a character's name?
  10. Is 'Smart' a character's name?
  11. Is 'Bronco' a character's name?
  12. Is 'Laramie' a character's name?
  13. Is 'Cheyenne' a character's name?

Are these TV shows named after characters or not?

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Nightshade1972 15 months ago
The only two I missed were Westerns. I never watch Westerns, and I'd never heard of one of them at all.
TheFanFromUNCLE 18 months ago
13/13. Bronco and Cheyenne were guesses.
ttenchantr 18 months ago
I have done better if there wasn't so many bad westerns in it!
Mike 38 months ago
12/13 and was cruising, till I pressed one on accident.. :(
Toot1956 41 months ago
13/13 wow, #BringBackSaturdayMorningWesterns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tommy 41 months ago
12/13... Screen moved when selecting on first on number1
Marshall_Kolchak 41 months ago
12/13 missed the last one
Debbie Marshall_Kolchak 41 months ago
Same here all but the final one
denny 41 months ago
Thought this was one of the easy ones until I missed the last 3. Geez
GregLemieux 41 months ago
13/13. This was an easy one for me.
Runeshaper 41 months ago
You got 13 out of 13

Cheyenne for the win!
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