Are these titles of Columbo episodes or James Bond movies?

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James Bond is a secret agent who goes by a code name. Columbo is a homicide detective whose cigar you can smell a mile away.

What do they have in common?

Extremely dramatic titles.

Below, we've mixed up Columbo episodes with James Bond movie titles. Any fan of 007 will instantly know the difference, but for Columbo fan sleuths who may not have every episode title memorized, this will be a harder case to crack than you might think. Good luck!

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  1. "Live and Let Die"
  2. "You Only Live Twice"
  3. "Double Shock"
  4. "License to Kill"
  5. "Ashes to Ashes"
  6. "A Bird in the Hand"
  7. "Never Say Never Again"
  8. "No Time to Die"
  9. "The Most Crucial Game"
  10. "The World Is Not Enough"
  11. "For Your Eyes Only"
  12. "Dagger of the Mind"
Are these titles of Columbo episodes or James Bond movies?

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jamiahsh 28 days ago
Dagger of the Mind was also a Star Trek episode
Lacey 6 months ago
I do not know the names of all the Columbo episodes, but I do know the James Bond films.
guest2020 Lacey 14 days ago
That's how I knew.
Geronimo 8 months ago
It was too easy because I never watched Columbo..........................12/12
Bobbo 8 months ago
12/12 and all I get is a cookie?
Greg 8 months ago
11/12 I thought dagger of the mind was a Star Trek ep
jamiahsh Greg 28 days ago
Yes it was apparently it was either a Columbo or Bond title as well. 😉
Tresix 8 months ago
I wanted to see a crossover between Columbo and Monk. Seeing Columbo, Adrian would have a conniption!
Geronimo Tresix 8 months ago
Do we really care?
Tresix 8 months ago
12/12. Hey, I'm two years older than the Bond movie franchise, how could I not know the difference?
Wayne2049 8 months ago
Just eliminate the Bond titles and the answer has to be Columbo.
EricFuller 8 months ago
12/12. Can you picture Columbo as a spy? "Just one more thing Mr. Goldfinger."
Lacey 8 months ago
12/12 but I have always been a big James Bond fan.
Columbo also, but I do not recall the TITLES of those episodes all the time.
djw1120 8 months ago
12 out of 12
Never mind a cookie, how about a vodka martini, extra dry, shaken not stirred.
nerakr 8 months ago
12/12. And I'm not an expert on either one.
BrittReid 8 months ago
12/12. I'd rather have Pussy Galore.
teire 8 months ago
12/12. I'd rather have an Aston Martin.
KatHat 8 months ago
LOL 11/12 I deserve a cookie!
Kirsten 8 months ago
I know the names of the James Bond films. There was no way I could get less than 12/12.
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