The Pink Panther has arrived on MeTV!

The cool cat is now part of Toon In With Me and Saturday Morning Cartoons!

There's a fresh, pink face on Toon In with Me and Saturday Morning Cartoons. And, no, we're not blushing.

The Pink Panther is a cartoon icon. The character was starring in video games and television commercials (for pink home insulation and pink packets of Sweet'n Low, naturally) long before "rosé all day" became a thing. It's easy to forget his humble roots. The Pink Panther cartoon character began as a mere pun in the opening credits of the 1963 crime-caper comedy The Pink Panther.

In that live-action masterpiece, with Peter Sellers as Inspector Jacques Clouseau, the titular "Pink Panther" was a feline at all, but rather the world's largest diamond. Hawley Pratt and Friz Freleng designed the cartoon character for the opening title sequence, soundtracked with that immortal, jazzy theme by Henry Mancini.

That 1963 Blake Edwards movie spawned a massive franchise, not just big-screen sequels, but a series of cartoons.

A year later, the animated character spot his own spotlight in "The Pink Phink," the first of hundreds of stand-alone cartoons featuring the Pink Panther. The series also featured other characters in their own cartoons, including the Inspector, Roland and Ratfink.

Now, you can see them all on MeTV. Look for the original Pink Panther cartoons in the mix weekday mornings on Toon In With Me at 7AM | 6C. Then, wake up with us on the weekend as Popeye and Pink Panther's Party kicks off our Saturday Morning Cartoons block at 7AM | 6C.

You'll be tickled pink!

Watch Popeye and Pals on MeTV!

One Full Hour

Saturdays at 7 AM

*available in most MeTV markets
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Lefty_R_1929 12 days ago
Popeye is okay, however stopping the Pink Panther is unacceptable


I have been looking for something to march around about and marching around and showing Solidarity for the Return of the Pink Panther is worthy of that honor!!!
katbody10 19 days ago
I am so bummed the Pink Panther is no longer being aired on MeTV! I have noticed the Toon in with ME morning cartoons no longer air them as well as Saturday mornings during the Popeye hour! Why pull the Pink Panther? And I think the whole Saturday morning until the Noon hour would be fabulous to show cartoons! My childhood memories! I’m in my 50’s now and always young at heart! The cartoons made in the 80’s and more recently just aren’t as great as the ones I grew up with! Bring back Pink Panther!!
h2ofan80 26 days ago
I'm bummed that you guys took off the Pink Panther cartoons and such. What gives?
timothys71 1 month ago
So, are they putting The Pink Panther/The Inspector/Roland and Rattfink on hiatus? I was a little surprised to find that Saturday Morning Cartoons today (May 6, 2023) started with a full hour of Popeye & Pals. I realize that the Pink Panther/The Inspector/Roland and Rattfink episodes repeat a lot more because they were only produced for about 6 years, as opposed to the original Popeye which was in production for over 20 years, and therefore has a lot more episodes available. I can think of several other cartoon series from my youth that I would love to see rotate onto MeTV's schedule from time to time if they are available--Rocky and Bullwinkle, Woody Woodpecker, Scooby Doo, Mighty Mouse, and Heckle & Jeckle come to mind.
h2ofan80 timothys71 26 days ago
The Pink Panther was actually around a lot longer than the Inspector and Roland & Rattfink cartoons. They just haven't shown any of the later ones on MeTV. The Pink Panther itself was actually on until the end of August 1980.
BuddyBoy600alt 1 month ago
Can you do The Three Stooges cartoon show? As well as The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends? And maybe Alvin and the Chipmunks.
mc1963 24 months ago
I love this. It brings back so much memories. When I hear the music it's like I'm back in time for a few seconds.
FoMoCo 24 months ago
Go-Go Gophers and Dudley Do rite would be a nice addition.
FoMoCo 24 months ago
Dig a little deeper in the MGM cartoon collection and turn up the "Super 6" series that ran in the 1960's.
ANW97 24 months ago
I loved Pink Panther from my childhood world
Toons 24 months ago
We miss Popeye! More
Popeye! At least during boating season, can you up the number of
Popeye toons in the Popeye and Pink Panther show? After September, you can drop it down...

I ams what I am ams and me summers needs me Popeye!

We love watching it as the summer son comes up!

Popeye is like Yacht Rock: a classic filled with happiness!
Grynch_84 24 months ago
This M-F show is useless. Run the Saturday morning show all week. At least that show is focused on
the cartoons. metv has made Toon in With Me all about the people and puppets, not the Toons. Not surprised they messed this up.
country46 Grynch_84 22 months ago
i agree 100%
StrayCat 24 months ago
Now that the Pink Panther has arrived, can Rocket J. Squirrel and his friends be far behind?
Fractured Fairy Tales.
Grynch_84 StrayCat 24 months ago
That would be a good decision. Very difficult for metv to make good decisions with these toons.
Grynch_84 25 months ago
And it keeps getting worse. Now they've skipped S1-13 of the Jetsons. They edited "Las Venus" right out of the series. Classless. At least be honest, if you aren't going to air an episode explain why not. Instead...crickets.
JamesR35 25 months ago
Now you need to put in Scooby-Doo and Scrappy Doo the spin-off
Grynch_84 25 months ago
The sadness continues. Obviously, metv thinks people are tuning in to see Bill & Toony instead of the classic cartoons. They only list a title of the show and don't list the upcoming cartoons anymore. I hope they are wrong and learn it somehow.
KellyS 25 months ago
Great move by MeTV adding these great cartoons. It is an obvious fit with the memory format the channel has created and become very successful. Far exceeding TVLand which I used to think was the greatest at one time but blew up a good thing. I hope you can continue with the cartoons, it is obviously a home run. I myself would like to see another addition with the many many Madcaps cartoons of Noveltoon-Harveytoons classics. I think they would fit in well with the various classics you have, or anything Hanna-Barbera. I think you need to add another hour or 2? LOL
dmarcus 25 months ago
The Pink Panther will be a fun addition. Another good fit would be The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show and all the cartoons that come along with it like Under Dog and Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Also would love to see Mr. Magoo...That would be awesome!!!

Btw, still waiting to see The Jetsons. Here in CT it's not airing.
TheSentinel dmarcus 25 months ago
Could be your local affiliate choosing to pre-empt The Jetsons in favor of other programming.
dmarcus TheSentinel 25 months ago
Yeah, a local show called New Jersey Matters is in that time slot. NJ Matters vs. The Jetsons. I wonder which show would win in the ratings.
baltarthecylon 25 months ago
I’m enjoying Saturday morning cartoons on MeTV a few I would love to see are the animated GIlligans Ialand Happy Days andJeanie
UTZAAKE 25 months ago
Two most underrated aspects of the Pink Panther cartoons are the sophisticated soundtrack and the protagonist's primary foil The Little Man.
JohnBates UTZAAKE 25 months ago
The little man was a caricature of Friz Freleng.
jonesy1760 25 months ago
I like the pink panther cartoons...but I am still hoping for the JONNY QUEST SERIES!!!
Toonhead jonesy1760 25 months ago
I totally agree! Jonny Quest would be a great 5-7 pm entry. But hey, I’m flexible lol
MrsPhilHarris jonesy1760 25 months ago
Yes please! I have been waiting patiently for Jonny Quest.
Grynch_84 jonesy1760 25 months ago
Glad to hear a few others are waiting for Jonny Quest to make an appearance. Only 26 episodes, so it could be shown just like The Jetsons is right now. Would love to see The Super Friends come along at some point as well.
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