Are these real places from The Flintstones or did we make them up?

Is Arkanstone a modern Stone Age state?

There are many great episodes of The Flintstones that take place somewhere other than Bedrock. Whether the modern Stone Age family is road-tripping to the country or going on a beach vacation, one thing is for certain – the name of their destination will probably have some sort of rock pun.

Here are 12 places that might be from the classic cartoon. Can you tell which ones are actually from the show and which ones we made up?

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  1. Did the Flintstones ever visit Rockapulco?
  2. What about Floridarock?
  3. Were Stone Age movies and TV shows made in Hollyrock?
  4. Did the Flintstones ever take a trip to Chicagstone?
  5. Did they ever go through the badlands of South Rockota?
  6. Is there a Stone Age state called Arkanstone?
  7. What about Texarock?
  8. Did Fred go gambling in Rock Vegas?
  9. Is there a Stone Age city called Sand Francisco?
  10. Did the Flintstones ever take a road trip to Wisconstone?
  11. Did they drive through Tennestone?
  12. What about Stonehio?

Are these real places from The Flintstones or did we make them up?

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EllisClevenger 34 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
Did you zoom through this quiz or was it a little bumpy?
SalIanni 37 months ago
Another place from the show which also exists in real life was Stoney Creek. When Fred became a high school football star for Bedrock, the big game was against a team from Stoney Creek. That name always makes me laugh because there is a real Stoney Creek in Canada that is a suburb of Hamilton which is about halfway between Toronto and Buffalo and a good 30 minute drive from where I live.
TexasGreek 37 months ago
You got 10 out of 12
Wow, what a bunch of guesses!
TheDavBow3 37 months ago
9/12. Not Bad. Remember Stoney Curtis, Cary Granite, Ann-Margrock and The Beau Brummelstones. I know there's a whole bunch of others.
lou 37 months ago
dam 10/12 missed my mark.
Mawalts 37 months ago
Maybe from the episode with the penguin in a tux and his walrus chum
markb 37 months ago
What episode is Tennestone from?
snowpeck markb 35 months ago
"The Bedrock Hillbillies"
Bob 37 months ago
12/12. I watched an ungodly amount of TV as a kid.
lgbyrne1129 37 months ago
10/12..... Guess I don’t have as many rocks in my head as I thought.
David 37 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
Did you zoom through this quiz or was it a little bumpy?
MikefromJersey 37 months ago
10 for 12, missed Tennestone and South Rockota. As far as I'm concerned, if Buz and Tod didn't make
it to these places on Route 66 then something isn't kosher.
dmagoon MikefromJersey 37 months ago
"Route 66" (the TV show) had little connection with the real Route 66.
MikefromJersey dmagoon 37 months ago
That is besides the point. The series was originally titled "The Searchers", about two young men roaming all over America(plus 2 trips to Canada). John Wayne/Warner Brothers threatened to sue, as they had the rights to the movie The Searchers. So "Route 66" was chosen
as it was America's Road and evoked traveling. The idea that they couldn't go anywhere else
was never intended and limiting. Wise guys have been using that line for over 50 years,
Pedantic Squared.
AllisonWunderland 37 months ago
11/12...Missed #4. I wanna go to Rockapulco! 😉😎
Krn AllisonWunderland 37 months ago
And drink cactus juice on the beach 🙂
AllisonWunderland Krn 37 months ago
Especially after some of that Rockapulco Gold 😉😂
dictracy 37 months ago
10/12 ...was rockvegas from the movie or the cartoon or both?
David dictracy 37 months ago
It was from the cartoon.
cperrynaples David 37 months ago
Yes, but the second movie was called Viva Rock Vegas! Bonus question:Who sang the title theme [and I need the Flintstone name]?
Krn cperrynaples 37 months ago
Ann Margrock?
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