Are these real places from The Flintstones or did we make them up?

Is Arkanstone a modern Stone Age state?


There are many great episodes of The Flintstones that take place somewhere other than Bedrock. Whether the modern Stone Age family is road-tripping to the country or going on a beach vacation, one thing is for certain – the name of their destination will probably have some sort of rock pun.

Here are 12 places that might be from the classic cartoon. Can you tell which ones are actually from the show and which ones we made up?

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  1. Did the Flintstones ever visit Rockapulco?
  2. What about Floridarock?
  3. Were Stone Age movies and TV shows made in Hollyrock?
  4. Did the Flintstones ever take a trip to Chicagstone?
  5. Did they ever go through the badlands of South Rockota?
  6. Is there a Stone Age state called Arkanstone?
  7. What about Texarock?
  8. Did Fred go gambling in Rock Vegas?
  9. Is there a Stone Age city called Sand Francisco?
  10. Did the Flintstones ever take a road trip to Wisconstone?
  11. Did they drive through Tennestone?
  12. What about Stonehio?

Are these real places from The Flintstones or did we make them up?

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Dario 6 days ago
10 out of 12. Got #2 and #11 wrong. 👍👍👍👍👍 😁😁😁😁😁
Art1957 6 months ago
I liked it when they had cameos on The Flintstones. I loved the names Cary Granite and Stony Curtis, That always made me laugh. Ann Margrock was another one. Great stuff!
DZee Art1957 6 months ago
Perry Masonary....
JDWJDW2 Art1957 6 months ago
Don't forget about Darren and Samantha from Bewitched.
HpHoward 6 months ago
Got them all. The Flintstones ran for years in afternoon syndication in my area as a bonus of sorts.
Charlotte 6 months ago
Last two got me, what episodes were they in?
Wendy57 6 months ago
Very very lucky guesses, I’m afraid. 😊
jamiahsh 6 months ago
Tennestone… what episode was that?
Kevin 6 months ago
You got 10 out of 12
Did you zoom through this quiz or was it a little bumpy?
Not bad considering I haven't seen this show in 40 plus years.
dodgebob 6 months ago
11/12, Messed up on Texarock, I didn't know there was a Texas till last year, what do they do there? I just someone made a typeo and misspelled Taxes.
dodgebob dodgebob 6 months ago
"thought" I just thought someone made a "typo"
I know some get testy when mistakes are made.
WGH 6 months ago

I know my flintstones.

There were only three channels growing up and only one had cartoons at any given time.
jtkrifkan2002 6 months ago
You guys missed the one where Fred drives in the "Indiarockolis 500".
Runeshaper 6 months ago
8/12 All of these names sound fun!
KawiVulc 6 months ago
12/12... what about Frantic City?
Rick KawiVulc 6 months ago
That is a glaring omission.
MaryMorgan KawiVulc 6 months ago
That's a good one. I almost forgot about the episode where Fred, and Barney's Lodge had a plumber pose as a doctor, and told the members' wives that the men was suffering from
Dipsy-Doodlitis; and the only cure was a weekend at Frantic City.
RobertK 6 months ago
9 of 12. Not too bad. At least I got #10, Wisconstone, right! I'm from "Wisconstone" and I would definitely remember such an episode or it would have been another METV "walk of shame"...
JERRY6 6 months ago
11 of 12 not bad pass flintstone 201
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