Can you find the one character that is NOT from a classic Universal or Hammer horror film?

The two studios produced some of the most recognizable monsters of all time, but which iconic villain was NOT created by either company?

Images: The Everett Collection

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Without a doubt, Universal Pictures and Hammer Film Productions are the two most famous companies behind classic horror movies. Universal started scaring audiences in the silent era and continued for the next three decades, producing numerous sequels with overlapping characters. They even introduced their slate of scary monsters to comedic duo Abbott and Costello in a series of films.

Across the pond, the London-based Hammer Film Productions brought iconic monsters and vampires to life in creative and bizarrely fun ways from the 1950s through the '70s.

How well do you know the many films produced by both companies? Pick which character below you think was NOT featured in a movie from either production house. Keep guessing until you find it!

All images courtesy of the Everett Collection.

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  1. Which character is NOT from a Universal or Hammer horror film?

Can you find the one character that is NOT from a classic Universal or Hammer horror film?

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DethBiz 4 months ago
Too easy.
PulsarStargrave DethBiz 3 months ago
Not really, with corporations buying as much I.P. as they can, I wasn't 100% certain!
Bobbo 7 months ago
Woo-hoo! My favorite vampire!
A35Barber 10 months ago
Easy. Count Orlok is odd monster out
dmzabooo 11 months ago
That ugly bugger was a German movie so only logical to pick Mr. Nosferatu .
There was some rumors I had heard when I was a younger lad that the actor playing the vampire thought he was an actual vampire?

FUN FACT...The 70’s Rock n Roll Band Blue Oyster Cult has a great song called Nosferatu. It’s about breaking the spell of Count Dracula. It’s on the album Spectres (1977) great song to play this Halloween!
JohnAustin779 11 months ago
It took me two tries but I finally got it right. Nice brain teaser, MeTV 👍😀🖖!
LarryLeGros 11 months ago
I figured this was Pre Universal. Got lucky I guess.
Jamesatkinson 11 months ago
1922 German Movie? Who knew? Took me a minute.😑😵😲
Dayna 11 months ago
WOW! I got it on the first try. Well, I knew Nosferatu wasn't any of them because when it came out in the 20s.
musicman37 Dayna 11 months ago
That logic is flawed - "Phantom of the Opera" came out in the 20s as well.
AnnieM 11 months ago
This was way easier than I thought it would be. But, I've seen at least the base films for the characters from both Universal and Hammer, and the only one I was unsure about at first I knew was a Hammer regular, but then I saw the one I knew was the answer. How's that for a run-on sentence? 🤣
musicman37 AnnieM 11 months ago
You call that a run-on sentence? You've obviously never read an Amazon review.
FLETCH 11 months ago
You picked *** ***** as ****** ! Correct!
Kim 11 months ago
Yep, got it on the first try.
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